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Thread: Bad voting links
Post by: gatcholio(28366)
2005-06-24 16:16:28

Not Found
The requested URL /vote.php was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80
Top 100 (
Best Online Games (
RPG Gateway Top 100 RPG Sites (

These three sites haven't loaded in a couple days.
Post by: m_carta(37500)
2005-06-27 13:39:10

The bestig site is still inaccessible/offline.
Post by: gatcholio(28366)
2005-07-21 03:27:37
It appears that apex has changed their voting #'s. When clicking to vote for VoW, it takes me to the link to vote for marcoland. when voting for the other games here, it doesn't take me to the correct corresponding game.
Post by: Lincoln(27675)
2005-07-21 22:26:12
Yeah, I got the Marcoland aswell. I thought it was just me, I'd clicked something wrong, bt if Gatch got it too it's obviously a glitch.
Post by: mob(23502)
2005-07-22 01:02:28
Apex Web Gaming also brings up the wrong game when voting for GangWar.
Post by: Syrjis(80123)
2005-07-27 22:20:42
This is for VOW voting links. (Rikishi (36320))

I'm missing one of the 6 hours voting links. I only see Best Online Games ( & Top 100 (

And when I click on the "Best Online Games (" I don't have the voting button. I only have this: "Enter the Best Online Games without voting."

Now I don't have the button on the other one too (Top 100 ( Only this: "Enter the Chris Harts top 100 eFeds without voting." Voting site don't exist or something.
Post by: mob(23502)
2005-07-31 00:52:30
{edit}{snip snip}

Ugh, I hate making a post and then finding the info was aleady there. yeesh.
Post by: yar(35506)
2005-08-05 23:40:31
also there are suppose to be 2 votes you can vote once an hour, i am only getting one, the other one only appears like twice a day, anyone else have this problem?
Post by: Syrjis(80123)
2005-08-06 18:08:31
yar, yep :( Where is Peter? :(
Post by: missing(42183)
2005-08-07 18:43:27
do we stop voting these urls?
Post by: Syrjis(80123)
2005-08-12 22:45:05 gave me this kind of error:
"This Account Has Been Suspended

Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible. "

6 hour voting links are also missing :o
Post by: yar(35506)
2005-08-13 23:59:37
something really needs to be done about these voting sites, we dont get enough ap as it is, now we are missing 1- one hour votes, our 6 hour votes, whats next? maybe they should be bumped up to 10 ap per vote till they are fixed? no chance i know but it says up to 200 votes a day thats not possable anymore.
Post by: m_carta(37500)
2005-08-14 02:53:53
If you have a modem that gives you a new IP address every time you log back to the net, you won't be affected very much by the loss of several voting sites. Just log out, quit your browser, then log back online.
Post by: Syrjis(80123)
2005-08-14 06:27:53
m_carta, well that's good for you modem users but what about us with solid net?
Post by: mob(23502)
2005-08-15 02:54:36
LOL!!! That is the first time I've ever heard a broadband user complaining "what about us?" when it comes to dialup. Hell, I'd trade my dynamic IP for speeds higher than 5KB/s any day. :-))

And would I ever like 10 AP per vote! Two votes and I'd be done my daily chore in gangwar. It really sucks waiting for some of those voting pages to load!
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2005-08-15 03:15:51
It's rare that I have more than 2 voting sites available at one time, and I rarely vote because I don't have the votes possible
Post by: Lincoln(27675)
2005-08-16 13:38:48
I had that for a few months LK.. now it has just stopped :0
Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-08-17 22:20:18
I've contacted Peter about the bad voting links. I generally would not worry about getting a voting ban for clicking on bad links. Just take the free AP.
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