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Thread: What do YOU like?
Post by: detroit maniac(233270)
2008-04-26 21:39:03
Sooo, While there are many arguments going on in the forums, I'd like to spark a little debate myself, DEBATE, not fight :)

Anyway, Me and some friends earlier were talking about wrestling and got into an argument over which brand/type of wrestling we preferred to watch... So, Since one of PLIT's most popular games is VOW, I figured this would be a fun topic... So what's your cup of tea (not literally)?
Post by: yar(35506)
2008-04-26 23:28:28
Post by: tbragu(97303)
2008-04-27 09:18:08
From what I have seen, I like ROH. But, original ECW is head and shoulders above the rest for me.
Post by: BubbaG(33460)
2008-04-27 12:16:35
mmmm BEER
Post by: detroit maniac(233270)
2008-04-27 12:37:27
xD Thanks for that comment Bubba. But as far as the wrestling goes, I'd agree, ROH is pretty good. WWE is just a violent soap opera now. All that matters there is how you look when you wrestle, not how you wrestle. Just saying :)
Post by: mob(23502)
2008-04-27 14:21:29
"The Real Catfight" in which Japanese chicks take on each other in sexy fake pro-wrestling matches. In one of the fights I saw the two girls ripped off each other's clothes and engaged in extensive grabbing/rubbing of each other's private areas!! Every once in a while girls grapple in whipped cream and various gooey substances. It's awesome. Best wrestling I've ever watched.
Post by: Bruiser Brody(121422)
2008-04-27 16:24:46
ROH and ECW would blow away the top dogs if not for 2 facts :

WWE owns ECW and will never let the federation overtake it's flagship brand.
Of the professional wrestlers that I have talked to, ROH pays it workers the same way AWA used to back when Hulk Hogan was apart of AWA, very cheap.
TNA : Is following the ill-fated pattern of WCW, in that they have a skyrocketing budget while lacking WWE's marketing skills.

In a nutshell, poor management of all the federations is why professional wrestling has recently looked more like a circus than true entertainment. Just my opinion. :)
Post by: Mad Bear(46310)
2008-04-30 14:50:27
Hands down....Kaiju Battel!!
Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2008-05-01 00:45:57
UFC. It's not wrestling... but at least it's REAL.
Post by: mob(23502)
2008-05-01 01:53:59
UFC is awesome. Go GSP!!
Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2008-05-01 01:54:26
Georges St. Pierre is amazing!
Post by: jmallonee(34807)
2008-05-01 10:25:20
ufc is wrestling, with strikes thrown in, and submissions. hmm sounds alot like the wwe. only the ufc is real and the wwe only looks real. pulled punches, etc...
Post by: detroit maniac(233270)
2008-05-01 17:37:30
I'd like to agree. Although I don't watch it that often, I do enjoy to see MMA/UFC types of fights
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-05-01 20:54:40
WWE is scripted (badly). UFC is not. Big difference there.
Post by: Bruiser Brody(121422)
2008-05-01 21:14:41
All forms of entertainment is scripted actually. The difference between "pro wrestling" and "bad man" contests (UFC) is that wrestling has gotten "too Hollywood" since the mid 1990's and less actual skill, but at the end of the day...the results for both are all rigged.

I think it was Eric Bischoff who once said, " Controversy is money ". We have seen "beyond their prime" veterans for both wrestling/mma job out to the newest sensation in each entertainment. I remember reading a very old article that a very old promoter (name escapes me) once said, " I don't care what form of entertainment it is. Whether it's sports or Hollywood, if it's on tv, then at some level, somewhere it's fake, from the marketing of it to the final result, tv is an illusion. "
Post by: BubbaG(33460)
2008-05-01 21:34:52
Not sure how you figure UFC "bad man" contests are rigged. I've been to a few of the UFC's and I know a couple guys who fight and it is definitely real fighting. Two guys going at it toe to toe.
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-05-02 12:52:47
Yeah but even if all entertainment is scripted atleast most of it is scripted 1000x better than what wrestling is, repeated storylines, mega-cliches. Seriously, i don't know what you guys see in it. To me it's just a soap opera with half naked men. :s
Post by: detroit maniac(233270)
2008-05-02 16:18:43
"WWE is just a violent soap opera now"

I wonder where you may have gotten that idea Aiden xD
Post by: Impacter(343349)
2008-05-03 15:01:45
I like WWE. I do think that they need to wear more clothes though. No shirts is fine, but those things they wear are so little. People like John Cena are fine but Batista and those guys are weird. If they fix that WWE will be good. They have also done a good job keeping it less hardcore. All the blood they used to have was terrible.
Post by: Tee eeN Eee(295379)
2008-05-04 11:07:24
Ive got to say that I enjoy watching the wwe the most. There was a time when I liked tna better, during the times when guys like AJ Styles were THE main event. Back then the storylines were not as good in tna, but the actual wrestling was entertaining and better than the wwe at that time, now the storylines are probably better, but the matches themselves are not as good.

On the subject of MMA/UFC, I would much rather watch boxing than this
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-05-05 09:15:24
where's that quote from dude? :S
Post by: Craig(170136)
2008-05-05 16:46:57
I'd rather walk into Leeds City center on a friday night and watch a real fight, then watch grown men roll around touching each other
Post by: Impacter(343349)
2008-05-05 17:46:52
LOL Craig. I can't stand real wrestling. I don't like to see people actually hurt eachother. And as I said, clothin gis a problem
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-05-05 20:42:02
"I don't like to see people actually hurt eachother."




Post by: Impacter(343349)
2008-05-05 22:16:19
LOL I just can't handle it. When I see them fighting and REAL blood comes out, I get annoyed
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-05-06 12:55:45
Hippy. :|
Post by: BubbaG(33460)
2008-05-06 15:23:38
Post by: Impacter(343349)
2008-05-06 22:38:08
Thanks Bybba now I have to stay off the thread
Post by: detroit maniac(233270)
2008-05-07 16:23:55
Really? The blood drives you away, It's the main reason I watch UFC. The blood just accents the intensity of it
Post by: Impacter(343349)
2008-05-07 18:52:32
I guess that pic is fine. It is mostly when some1 is domonated
Post by: detroit maniac(233270)
2008-05-07 22:49:54
:) Bubba, That has to be the greatest edited post ever. You took a pic with a tiny bit of blood, and switched it with someone dripping like a faucet :P
Post by: mob(23502)
2008-05-07 23:11:22
The blood and cuts and stuff in UFC is great. The only thing that *really* bothered me is when Gonzagas KOed Cro Cop causing him to fall onto his foot and twist it completely backwards!! It was gawdawful and it stayed like that for countless seconds while he was uncouncious! No one noticed! Just thinking about it makes me shudder.

This pic doesn't quite capture the horror that appeared on PPV but it's still flippin gross.

Credit - Josh Hedges
Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2008-05-08 01:06:19
I'd post a pic of Brock Lesnar tapping out to Frank Mir in UFC 81, but I can't find one for some reason.

The match I'm still hoping for is Brock Lesnar vs. Kimbo Slice. That would be the ultimate grappler vs. striker match-up.

Post by: BubbaG(33460)
2008-05-08 16:57:52
If you want to really get grossed out, I'll see if I can find the video of BJ Penn licking the blood off of his gloves after his fight with Joe Stevenson.

Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-05-08 18:20:24
Kimbo ftw
Post by: Impacter(343349)
2008-05-08 20:23:58
I acctually like the blood now. I was just saying that bacause I hadn't seen it
Post by: denzil(82151)
2008-05-10 04:40:43
I grew up watching local australian matchs on our tv network. there was the defalt guys but the mighty midgits ruled there was about 8 of them that just made me LOL so much. then later on WCW\RAW came to pay tv in Aussie. I never mist one WCW when it was on. Sad to say WEE has gone down hill\Hell. I still have pay TV but its more a surpize for me to watch the wreasling now. I might get back to watching as soon as the owner stays out of the ring and lets propper managers run the show.
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-05-10 19:36:52
"I acctually like the blood now. I was just saying that bacause I hadn't seen it"

you live in a world of foam or something? with a permanent crash helmet? :|
Post by: Impacter(343349)
2008-05-11 11:34:41
LOL I geuss I just like WWE and wanted to convince you guys to like it aswell. Half of the stuff I am saying is not true.
Post by: detroit maniac(233270)
2008-05-11 12:43:20
Who saw Smackdown last friday. I saw a pretty decent match for once. MVP vs Finlay was actually good. Cant say the same for the rest of the show, but... yeah.
Post by: Impacter(343349)
2008-05-11 16:58:44
Has anyone else noticed that Kozlov only fights guys you have never heard of before? The guy would get pwned in a match with Batista or Taker ect
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-05-11 19:35:33
... it's scripted. a sponge would win if it was scripted to.
Post by: Impacter(343349)
2008-05-11 19:48:07
Grrrrr I made a WWE is fake arguement then completly forget on my next post. I geuss my point was..... who are those guys he is fighting?
Post by: mob(23502)
2008-05-12 02:52:21
I believe those guys are called fodder.
Post by: tay ncfc(183846)
2008-05-12 19:29:06
i like it any time Mr.T pities that fool
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2008-05-19 09:40:12
i like beer :D
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