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Thread: Just wondering?
Post by: Terry Flanigan(182282)
2006-04-02 09:16:25
How long will it take for me to get my donation points.I donated money over 24 hours ago and have still not recievd my...AP yet.I am getting killed in every match i was doing great for a while but,I have almost 200 exp.But now I lose every match now even against people who have not even won or lost a match yet it is every time now.I really dont want to lose this wrestler.How do I get my conciousness back up before I die here?
Post by: smoke(126548)
2006-04-02 20:55:55
Go to the gym
Post by: pimpinpinkbunni(184652)
2006-04-07 08:11:56
o.o; i'm confused
Post by: smoke(126548)
2006-04-07 17:59:29
Unless you play VoW you probably won't understand.
Post by: homie(156015)
2006-04-09 15:07:15
ya got to Gym max out con first then max out your main stat, and Peter is probably a busy man he'll get to you as fast as he can
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