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Forum: AF General
Thread: Game Status
Post by: Wolverine(1)
2005-05-22 10:31:13

20050521 Game drasticly expanded with new levels. Also, treasure frequency has been altered in some levels. Other various changes implemented.

20050515 Fame gained from fighting is now higher against thougher monsters.

20050306 New area added.

20050225 Brand new experience formula put into effect for all monsters.

20050222 Experience of the newer monsters is updated for consistency with the old monsters. Jellyfish do 25% more damage.

20050221 Areas can now have a subset of the different inns.

20050131 Shops now allow you to buy and sell in bulk.

20040921 A manual is now online. Many thanks goes to Zeus for this contribution.

20040810 Several new areas added.

20040510 You can now filter the gladiator sports to only show the events you participated in.

20040427 Chars are now thrown out of the inn after energy and hp have been updated once pr day.

20040414 Energy cap is removed for donating players. This means that donating players can store as much energy as they want each day. Magnus's note: Gladiator sports cap now at 48 hours because I was missing too many

20040203 Gladiator sports now accept chars that have been online within 36 hours instead of 24.

20040127 Char name added above the little table with hp and energy.

20031209 Monster weapon type added to combat output. Equipment lists added to gladiator sports. Modified the gladiator sports result list so you only have 20 results pr page.

20031203 Chat system added. It can be moved or disabled from the account settings link in the master account screen.

20031130 Minor bonus implemented for donating players.

20031125 New travel system implemented. You might notice that all known locations have been removed and that everybody is back in adventures fame again, this is not a bug.

20031125 The cost of using the healer is now much more reasonable for higher level players.

20031115 Modified stuff : starting energy, train cost, train template show level, fame reduction, recreated map, dungeon & items. All chars have been deleted.

20030911 Beta test started.
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