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Forum: AF General
Thread: Potions
Post by: Cracker05(43616)
2005-01-09 02:06:44
How do I use a healing potion that I have purchased?
Post by: aeldrin(34951)
2005-01-10 06:29:30
Healing potions are used automatically when your hit points go below zero.

You want to have a few on hand, because you can go through several in one fight.
Post by: Cracker05(43616)
2005-01-15 01:31:57
Thank you, that helps quite a bit with these creature caves.
Post by: Cracker05(43616)
2005-02-05 06:24:23
New question, How come I only gain 4-5 HP from each potion? That doesnt help very much when a creature attacks with 8-10 damage each hit. Is there some skill or something to make the potions more efficient?
Post by: aeldrin(34951)
2005-02-05 07:25:24
Yeah ... that is why there is the general recommendation to have multiple potions, although it is brutal to lose ten potions in one fight.

Pasha posts on his player page that there are potions that heal more than that ... but I don't know where you find/buy those.

Pasha? Or anyone else? Care to comment?

Post by: Infamous_Infants(23)
2005-02-05 10:49:01
Well I havenít tried to use any of them yet. But you will find them once in a while, all through they seem to be more rare than magic items. The inventory says:
Potion of Healing, Hp Pow 30, Val 250.

Oh and you canít buy them any places(yet that is, lets see what Loki comes up with for the new areas and hope that we can buy those potions for 500gp somewhere)

Post by: TrickytotheMaximus(8206)
2005-02-12 06:04:34
Very rare, only ever found one.
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