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Thread: How Many HPs?
Post by: popeye3004(132484)
2006-01-18 09:21:14
Hey Guys,

Can you give new players and some older ones like me an idea of what kinda maximum HP would be good for the different areas?

I am planning to set-up house at Hilltop Inn but I am not sure what amount HP would be good. I don't want to be running through a lot of potions. I want to use that money to buy training to get even stronger.

And what would be a good maximum HP for Harbour Town, Elven Encampment, Sunken Pirate Ship, Mountain Foot and Mountain Trail?

Any help that is provided would be very welcome...

Post by: slangi(11441)
2006-01-18 12:16:23
take smore then hp you need a good effective defense for each progressing area 150+ as it gets tougher as for hp a slong as your effective defense is high i nal lweapons you dont need as much hp so lets say you have 150 effective defense preferable hp

Hilltop Inn, Harbor Town, Elven Encampent- 100-150hp good time to train to 150 hp with the gold flow id say train here and get 200 though

Mountain Foot, Forest Ruins- 175-200 hp again just get it higher

Sunken Pirate Ship, Mountain Trail- 200 hp minimal preferably higher

Note i had 213 hp at the rickety bridge with 160 effective defense fighting Rogue Gladiators with 267 hitpoints 36 max damage and uses all weapon types in all fights, so basically he had a 50 hp advantage and we were evenly matched where I had to consume about 10 potions per fight. As far as I know now, I'd probably consume less potions but it'd stil lbe i nthe gladiators favor at the moment. However none of the areas you listed make me sweat too much anymore except the occasional bad rest in the Sunken Pirate Ship, Mountain Trail, Forest Ruins, But otherwise the camp the harbor town and the inn I can rest to full health without ever exhausting my potion supply period.

Hope this helps, its only an ideal example adjust where needed
Post by: popeye3004(132484)
2006-01-18 21:38:35

Thx Slangi...I will take your advice into consideration and boost up my effective defence and my HPs some more.

Post by: curtin(17603)
2006-01-23 19:47:04
Try and keep your HPs as high as you can, if nothing more than to save gold for training and Inns.

Look at it this way - 10 extra hps is like having a free minor Healing Potion every time you fight; every time you have to use potions, the first one (or two) would have been free if you had the extra HPs, which would have saved you 100 gold each time. After several months (depending on how and where you fight), that's a fortune you could have used for Inns and buying training.

Also, the Gladiator Sports are potion free, so it all comes down to hit points and defenses. In GS1, it takes a fair hike in Defense to get a real reduction in hit%, and the bad guys there are dealing out 60-70 hps per hit...building your hit points up every chance you get is a must (imo) if you want to be successful in GS1.
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