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Forum: GW Newbies
Thread: What is this damn game?
Post by: Wkd Boyz(342532)
2008-01-29 16:52:35
I have seen a lot of noobies entering this game, who wonder what it is all about. I see a lot who swear and then wander off never to be seen again.

If that is you then here is my dimes worth....

If you like good strategy games that take some time to play out then this is worth playing.

If you don't like those kind of games, please don't swear on the way out

Some thoughts:
- Don't expect a fast pace game, with flash visuals
- Read the forum http://forum.plit.dk/cgi-bin/forum.pl?ForumId=430&ThreadId=39 it helps a lot !
- Understand and use the map, but the explore map option can be a waste of valuable turns
- Allow abour an hour per gang per night to play.
- It takes a few days before you can attack another player.
- When you attack, make sure you win
- Diplomacy can win where brute force will not.
- Use the map to plan your route
- Start by controlling blocks with a high RES
- Pistols and armour are not much use early on
- You can expand diagonally
- Don't ever bother dealing drugs, buying weapons or stealing food
- You get more people from a good attack on a good block than you ever will through recruiting
- Don't attack other players, military or pre-war until you have read this forum

Good luck and have fun !

Wkd Boyz

Post by: mob(23502)
2008-01-29 21:16:21
We will always have those who swear and wander off never to be seen again. They are never seen again either because they think that the game sucks or that they have been chat banned (and think that the game sucks) :-)

It's nice to see new players add content to the forums so I don't want to get picky over the points that I don't completely agree with (they are beyond the scope of basic tactics anyway) so I'll just say thanks for your dime's worth!

See you on the battleground,



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