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Forum: GW Newbies
Thread: I need Help
Post by: Billy(61111)
2004-12-12 06:15:28
Im NEW!! Im trying to control another block but it says that You do NOT control a connecting block!! So how do i do it?
Post by: Raving Druids(21385)
2004-12-12 06:35:38
The block you own needs to be next to the one you are trying to take on the horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Go to the "show map" screen - the 8 blocks around the one you own are the ones you can take.
Post by: First Born Undead(62971)
2004-12-18 05:27:29
it won't show me anything when i try to log into the thing that says: game starts when 75% full. when i click on it it just goes to a blank white screen and does nothing. HELP!!!!!!!
Post by: Raving Druids(21385)
2004-12-18 18:31:51
Are you trying to look at the full map? Do you have a firewall? Try looking at the smaller map and for the bigger one, disable your firewall.
Post by: penguinlover(294552)
2007-06-23 15:52:59
2004 bump
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