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Thread: GW 780
Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2009-01-11 21:46:32
I find it interesting that, in what is arguably the twilight of Gangwar, I'm involved in the most interesting game I've ever played.

There are/were 8 active gangs in this game. Eight. That's nearly unheard of. Not all of them played in an effective manner, but that's besides the point.

Early on, I was hit by three different gangs. Well, I started it when I explored BIIK and saw that he was totally coming over with the intention of hitting me first. I couldn't have that. Unfortunately, I only was able to hit him with 200 AP instead of 300, and I wasn't able to cripple him entirely. By all rights, I should have been eliminated quickly, except my enemies never fought me in a coordinated manner, allowing me to cripple one of them every few days, and never being attacked by more than two a day, and never for many blocks. Every day, despite the attacks, I grew stronger.

Don't misunderstand, I'm not gloating. I'm trying to dispel the myth that gangwar is an individual game. I've taken my share of solo wins, but almost never in a game where there's more than three active gangs. The point is, if you guys would have planned, I'd have been toasted, plain and simple.

Second, boo to BIIK for quitting. You still have forty blocks, what gives? Yes, I thrashed you, but if you cling to survival long enough, opportunity arises. Never quit until you lose your last block.

If you don't believe me that cooperation is necessary to win at gangwar, Wyldstallions and myself just decimated the second place gang who was defending with over 75 men per block with better weapons and armor, and by all rights should have taken all of us out were it not for the fact that he adopted a defensive posture, which is nearly always a losing strategy in gangwar.

Now, it's more or less and extended mop-up action. I'm sure TheBoyz has some spunk left in them, but the writing's on the wall, since they have no potential allies left.

Work together = win

Going it alone = lose

Can't wait to see you all in GW 790.
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