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Forum: GW General
Thread: GW Unofficial Rankings
Post by: bear88(119403)
2007-02-24 05:42:09
This is something that was done before and I will tweak it a little bit. How it works is a ranking system for gangs by their finish which will count ONLY in games ending with **0 or **5. The scoring will be as follows:

10 points- a 1st place win in all three categories.

Ex. Gang ? 1st in Richest, Biggest and Strongest

2 pts- for a top three place in each of the three


Ex. gang ? would get 2 pts for each top 3 position in the three categories. so could possibly get 6 pts.

1 point - for a gang who finishes the game with more than 75 blocks.

10 points is the maximum amount of points that you can get in one game

Also let me know if any aliases are used after the game ends so as to get proper recognition. I am looking for any ideas or improvement and also what game should I start it at? Should I do it as of 470 for **0 games and 485 for **5 games? or what? Any comments please contact me through PM's or email me at : gwbigb@hotmail.com, as to leave the rankings thread free of useless spam ...BigB
Post by: mob(23502)
2007-02-24 11:26:53
I'm so excited (to see how poorly I rank) ;-)
Post by: mob(23502)
2007-02-24 11:34:04

double post.

Post by: bear88(119403)
2007-02-24 13:50:13


TO be continued...
Post by: mob(23502)
2007-02-24 14:05:02
Nice banner B!
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