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Forum: GW General
Thread: Gangwar Poetry
Post by: bear88(119403)
2007-02-23 14:40:05
This may be fun and we can see who the creative minds are. I consider myself witty, cocky, and most often annoying, so in that spirit this thread was started as a venue for the Poets out there. If you have a witty Gangwar related poem, rhyme, lyric, whatever post it here and lets see who comes up with the best. Who knows maybe someone will publish them and we can get on a best seller list somewhere , btw BigB rocks...

Gangwar Lullaby

Dear Lord of gangwar
Now I lay my head to rest,
Hoping that next login I will still be the best.
Keep my men strong and clean,
And I hope no more than 1 red message appears on my screen.
And if there are more, I pray to thee,
That my allies will come and save me :)...

Post by: sugarpeach fairies(260577)
2007-03-23 13:37:22
A little culture for GangWar...

To ally, or not to ally, that is the question:
Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The gatlings and lasers of foes alone
Or to take arms against a sea of enemies,
And by aligning end them?

Ahhh...I ask myself this every war!
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