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Thread: 5 AP attack formula and some strategy...
Post by: Amlin(117786)
2005-11-10 18:31:31
I just won GangWar838 and stopping playing GangWar so i wanted to share my experience. So first i noticed, that tactic "take only Res blocks" is a bit flawed... I taked only Res blocks and after some time i lost a lot of my soldiers because i runned out of food and money. So my suggestion is: if you see a nice 90-100 Com block, take it :) And as i see there is no use at all of Fpl blocks, because if you run out of food you will buy it automatically. And profit from Com blocks is much better like from Fpl blocks even if you buy food for 2$. So i suggest to change tactic from taking only Res blocks to "Take Res blocks, but if you see juicy Com block, take it, but dont forget not to attack Fpl blocks." :) Even 25 Com block is better like 99 Fpl... (I made counting, but forget the exact proportion... But 1:4 or 1:5 doesnt make a big difference, just wanted to share this suggestion.)
And finaly about 5 AP attack. I counted a lot and finally got formula :) It is hard to use it, because you need to recount your soldiers after each attack, but it makes at least sense how much it will cost you to attack :) I used MS Excel, where i putted number of soldiers afer each attack to know next attack AP cost. So it goes:
Each Novice is worth 20, Experienced 30, Master 40 and so on. So all you need to do is to count your total (divide your number of novices and multiply by 20, add number of experienced multiplyed by 30 add number of masters multiplyed by 40 and so on) Then count the cost of soldiers you want to send and divide it by your total and multiply by 100 to get AP cost.
For example you want to send 50 novices and you have 500 novices, 150 experienced and 50 master. So your total is 500*20+150*30+50*40=10000+4500+2000=16500, and attacking soldiers cost is 50*20=1000. Divide 1000 by 16500 and multiply by 100 you get 6,06060606. So such attack will cost you 6 AP. But if you will send 49 novices, then 49*20=980, 980/16500*100=5,939393, and attack will cost 5 AP :) (I noticed, that AP cost is always rounded down) As you see AP counting is good, and can save a lot of energy :) If you are too lazy to recount attack AP cost each time, then count it once each day and substract some number of soldiers (for example if i counted, that i can send 300 novices for 5 AP then i just send 270 each time and dont care about recounting each time :)). If you are familiar with something like MS Excel you can make calculations automatic, all you need is to type in every time all numbers of soldiers :) Example:
A1: novice
A2: experienced
A3: master
A4: ...
B1: (input number of novices you have there)
B2: (input number of experienced you have there)
B3: (input number of masters you have there)
B4: ...
C1: (input number of novices you want to send there)
C2: (input number of experienced you want to send there)
C3: (input number of masters you want to send there)
C4: ...
D1: =(C1*20+C2*30+C3*40+...)/SUM(B1*20+B2*30+B3*40+...)*100
It only seems complex, type it once to excel and retype only numbers of soldiers :)
And dont forget that AP is always rounded down...
Good luck :)

Post by: Raving Druids(21385)
2005-11-10 20:16:22
Nice. However, the COM blocks are not necessary if you use the one blockers as your cash machine. By the time you are big enough to need the cash, you should be able to take them easily for 5 ap. Also, when/if you get attacked, any sensible adversary will target your RES, potentially leaving you with blocks but generating no new gang members.

I used to calculate AP usage but gave it up for a number of reasons. As you say, it needs recalculating each action to remain accurate. I came to the conclusion that when I was small, I would not want to send less than 50 NOV regardless of cost to ensure victory. And when I was bigger it really did not matter, as I would have enough men to overkill any block I wanted still for 5 ap.

Join a **0 game - they are a whole different game! ;-))
Post by: Amlin(117786)
2005-11-10 23:12:07
As you see from my example 1 novice more can cost you 1 more AP :) And if early in the game it is not very important, later on it is bad to do 6 AP attack...
And the more soldiers you send the bigger chance, that you will kill all enemies. So your gang will grow faster and so on. Btw, i finded usefull recruiting :) This is only in very short period in game, when you almost can do 5 AP attacks, but due to lack of soldiers you do 6-10 AP attacks. I counted, that it is better to recruit some novices than to send experienced. But this is in big discussion :)
And about **0 game as i said, i`m quiting GangWar... And left with only AdventureFame :) (just to play GangWar well, you need to login everyday, and i cant.)

Post by: 2 Crazy Krew(59676)
2005-11-24 14:11:53
LOL well dude, good luck on your other game... But I will say, You only run out of food if you idle for over 3 days... So if you play a constant game and take only residential blocks youll never run out of food.... I havent... Idling is usually the main cause of starvation.

And yeah lol in GW 400 where I was the art of war, I was trying out a new strategy, and I was able to take 10 blocks with 300 ap... sending only about 30 to 35 novices out on the job... It wasnt a good plan but it was fun seeing everyone trying to guess who I was.... ;)
Post by: mob(23502)
2006-12-26 06:52:46
5 (or however many you want) AP attack formula... Easier than above and with a twist...


Basic formula (thank you Amlin):

Weight = Nov*20 + Exp*30 + Mas*40 + NovEnf*50 + ExpEnf*60 + MasEnf*70 + NovLdr*80 + ExpLdr *90


If you want to send novices, divide the weight by 20.
Weight(n) = Weight / 20

Novs you can send for 5 AP = Weight(n) * 5.99 / 100
Novs you can send for 12 AP = Weight(n) * 12.99 / 100


If you want to send Masters, divide the weight by 40.
Weight(m) = Weight / 40

Masters you can send for 9 AP = Weight(m) * 9.99 / 100
Masters you can send for 17 AP = Weight(m) * 17.99 / 100


If you want to send Novice Leaders, divide the weight by 80.
Weight(nl) = Weight / 80

Novice Leaders you can send for 6 AP = Weight(nl) * 6.99 / 100
Novice Leaders you can send for 100 AP = Weight(nl) * 100.99 / 100


As you can see this is useful for finding out how many members, of whatever rank, you can send for a specific ammount of AP.
Post by: mob(23502)
2008-09-21 00:22:50
*bump* Only 'cause it's an important thread.
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