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Forum: SC Development & Design
Thread: Id just like to know your opinions
Post by: simstar(98)
2004-12-21 15:07:10
I have also come up with another idea but i dont think it would be received well by many members of the current sc comunity. I must emphasize this is not the main idea the other two are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This idea is that at the start of each round every person is put into a fed automatically at random. There are a total of 10 feds. These feds will continue to grow as more and more players enter the game. This will eliminate groups of people always going in the same fed. It will encourage people to get to know other people. It will also encourage the older players to help the noobs as it is in their best interests to help them become stronger so that the fed can become stronger. This would ultimately encourage more people to play sc longer as they would get the help they need to start. Also as the rounds only last two weeks you could be in a very good fed one round and a very bad fed the next, therefore another reason to try to help people get better. This could grow the game significantly and the more that play the more that pay.

Obviously the fed leader would still have the option of kicking out some players but instead of just having one option he/she has two. the first would be to kick the player out of the fed, this player would then be reinserted into another fed automatically. The second would be to completely remove the player from the round, this option would however only been available after the player has been inactive for one whole week. Also fed members will have the option to leave the fed and be randomly reinserted into another fed.

Id like to know your opinions on my last idea and whether or not you would like it.
Post by: jddegraff(43958)
2004-12-21 15:21:32
heh, where to start here. 1) i dont WANT to fed with some people cause they are egotisticle, or arent active enough, or coffer emptiers, or run spoliers, or just fools. 2) the idea of a fed SHOULD have some tacticial advantage, and if i cant communicate well with my fed, i dont want them. 3) i dont really want to fed sometimes with non-payers, the advantage lost is too great.

i love helping noobs, hey i think sometimes i help them too much! but just because i like helping them doesnt mean i want to have to run a fed, help a couple of noobs and make a decent run. that could get overwhelming, even for a great sc guy like my self.....(yeah, right) lol. sentires, out.
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2004-12-21 17:36:33
Simstar, this sounds like a neat idea... and it would be great to test it out.
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2004-12-21 17:52:32
Just my luck Id get stuck with someone like Valinor!

Big fat NO over here
Post by: daniel smith(3538)
2004-12-21 23:34:47
sim as a past sucsessful player and a big contibuter to the game i thank you..but it stops there

1. your not active in round to round play so therefor u do not have much to go on baseing these far out game plans

2. if u did u would realise that noob players get the help they need to start and are always welcomed by the senoir players..aladril and exi as well as phill help heaps

3. as u have played in notorious u would no that it is team work that gets a fed to the finish line( sumfing that your last game change nearly ended)!!! this new fed fleet idea wasnt well recieved in the sc community and was decided by a minority that dnt do to well anymore

4. wot would be the point giving the fed leader (if u could have 1 constent) the option of booting crappy players..so a fed that was blessed with a great team gets swamped with players they didnt get given...

5. nice thoughtful reply valinor...

and for 6. people are getting used to the game as it is now si, changing it will push some more away.as it has for some already
Post by: ac(30533)
2004-12-21 23:41:57
I agree with thugs statement:)

too much fed work is not possible anymore since the last change. Please dont destroy the game even more......

And if noobs needs help i already said it a couple times dont mins and ask me, MonCals is going to write a manual too exi aladril phil me and lots of other players will help him to write it as good as they can......
for questions about sc also aske me at choiaaron88@hotmail.com

greetz troja
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2004-12-22 01:34:30
Well, Spartapus, there would only be one person more disappointed than you to see Spartapus and Valinor in one fed, and that would be me. In fact, if i hadn't dropped out yet, it would be enough for me to retire...

Just giving you a spicy reply, spart :)
Post by: simstar(98)
2004-12-22 04:18:52
Hey thug i guess we better have a chat, i think i need to explain a few things to you.

Id just like to once again emphasize that this thread is not my main ideas, this was just a random idea that i had that may help the game to grow quicker. Even though i have not played the game recently i still know what i am talking about. I think you need to open your eyes if you think that noobs get all the help they need. It is only the noobs that ask for help that get it. No where near the majority of noobs ask for help when they first start a game. They read the helpfiles and manuals to try to understand the basics.

Yes i am well aware of the way the last change was received and yes i agree it was rather detrimental to the game. Is everyone not allowed to make a mistake? Peter and i have discussed and made many changes to sc, some you wont even remember. I also agree that it is team work that gets a fed the win, however feeding is not the only means of team work. From your last post in point 3 you basically said that feeding was the only way to work as a team and with that gone people cant work as a team anymore. This is why we changed the game design, because feeding was becoming the only efficient way to play as a team, this was not fun for everyone else who didnt feed.

Id rather you read my other post in the "can we try the personal coffers thingy please?" thread these are my main two ideas. I have to once again repeat that this idea is not my main idea and i just wanted to see what people would think of it. I am trying not to make the same mistake i did last time in not consulting players. Obviously people do not like this idea much. THEREFORE I SHALL FORGET ABPUT THIS IDEA!However i believe my other two ideas could benefit the game greatly and make it more fun for most involved, we would however have to test it out.

We have to change the last change made, this is obvious as player numbers have definately dropped since we made it.

thank you for your responses here guys.

Post by: aeldrin(34951)
2004-12-22 04:27:06
I admit that I don't want to be paired up randomly, either.

As Dan mentioned, many (certainly not all) of the players currently kicking around DO help new players. Either by answering questions in the chat, using the message system within the game, or coaching them more directly using MSN or other chat tools.

I will also freely admit that there are also those who rip noobs apart as well, but unfortunately you are going to have that problem in any public forum. On the whole, however, people are friendly and the community of SC players has been fun.


I also agree with Dan's statement that people are adapting to the changes that have already been made. If there really are to be changes made to the game, I guess I would like to see it done in a beta (sort of SCT but call it SCB or something) let each round run for a week or two and see how players like the changes before even thinking about changing the current system.

That way you won't change the flow of the current game, and allow for real testing of the rules set before and get some time to think about it before putting it in play.

Post by: simstar(98)
2004-12-22 05:39:13
Yes i agree we need to test changes first before we make any final changes. Anyway this idea of mine is obviously not liked so wont get tested. Now my other two ideas, at least the second one id like to see tested soon.

Also ive just had it mentioned to me that the rule about not being able to attack someone who you are over 1/3 smaller than should be changed. As the main reason this rule was implemented, the xp bug, has now been fixed. What are your opinions on that?
Post by: daniel smith(3538)
2004-12-22 09:46:21
i would keep the rule of not attacking higher then 3times your score. this way it promotes building and generates mins around the board. staying low and hoping for 5% with 3ap hits allday is a less tactical and unenjoying on a whole way of playing.

unless others have and input on y we would go back to that i wouldnt change it

ps i will reply the 2 "main" ideas soon
Post by: jddegraff(43958)
2004-12-22 11:21:05
what about removing the requirement of 3X your score for attacking JUST the #1 spot? then it would be easier to run down the #1 guy useing a co-ordinated fed run or alliances. then we wouldnt se the same empire up there for the whole round, more fed tacticail play, and allances becomeing a bigger part of the game. i will also put this in the coffer thingy thread.sentires out.
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2004-12-22 12:11:48
STOMP STOMP STOMP, Awww Valinor, they were such lovely flowers.
Post by: Kubala(25078)
2004-12-22 12:59:09
It's a thought, and a pretty good aone at that I suppose. Being paired randomly could work, but you'd have to redo the system to where one person couldn't pull everyone else down. I'd say my thoughts, but I guess I put them into a diffrent thread before I saw this one. No need to read my crap twice.
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2004-12-22 17:52:53
Yeah Spart, thanks, although I like cereals more for breakfast.
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2004-12-31 06:21:45
I think i'm the only one thats gonna agree with sims main idea about randomly puting people in feds, yah there are some pitfalls in the idea, but it could get better, i am sick of seing two major feds....its just boring, noob feds have no chance to beat feds such as notorious, and for players that arent as good, and cant get excepted into feds such as notorious, or feds with other good players, i have to resort to play with mostly noobs, sometimes not noobs, but people that arent very good, so at least this will spice it up, make it different, adn show the real talent, instead of having 3-5 of the best players in one federation...its stupid, and its stacked in my opinion.

This round i'm with a noob, and another guy that knows what he's doing, but what are the chances that me and the guy that knows what he's doign can take down the 5 members of notorious? not likely, so therefor they will get another star, while me and the less known guys get stuck with crap at the bottom of the phyramid? no, i think we should at least experiment with this idea, i think its good, although there are soem pitfalls about it, like whats to keep the leader from bootign all the bad people out and just keeping the good people? argh, what ever, the chance of me getting a star anytime soon is very not very good, so what ever, peace out everyone :-D

Post by: Little Sister(34495)
2004-12-31 06:52:48
My immediate reaction to automatic feds was NO.

1. If I end up with fwach I will quit
2. I do help the noobs, that doesnt mean I want them in my fed.

3. With the many timezones in this game, some feds would never be able to get together for any real teamwork
4. Phil, (see # 1) need I say more?
5. I have a good thing going on already. I like it.
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2004-12-31 07:16:08
err fine, i understand that i guess, but we need to figure out a way to mix things up, cuz i'm sick of being with noobs everyround because i'm not quite good enough for the good feds
Post by: Omen(10371)
2005-01-01 15:02:21
I don't have any say to all of this because I'm not an active player of Space Conquest...but that Five Percent must be taken out! I hate that 5% chance! I'm more of a defensive empire than an aggressive one, so I get it more as a disadvantage. This is not like that Star Wars movie where a fighter destroyed the...Star Destroyer (right?)! Or is it? I see Darth Vader (Thug Luv) and Count Doku (Spartapus) and Yoda (Simstar?)...ah, well, just my imagination!

Oh, and mine grids are useless when the torpedoes are sold cheap! If only they make the torpedo the same price as the mine grid =oD I know people would yell at me for this because they attack with 200 Fighters and 20,000 torpedoes! How can a two hundred fighters carry such great numbers of destructive things and attack a peaceful defensive empire full of Omenians? Poor guys...not so good at defending... It's not like only one empire is attacking you--you have the whole Space Conquest players attacking you each with 10,000 Weapons of Mass Destruction that Bush was looking for in Iraq!

By the way, nice idea Aladril. Beta testing it first before implementing it on the current Space Conquest system is a 'bettah' idea =oD And people, it's just an idea, so do not make Simstar feel like he's the bad guy. The current SC is better than the versions we used to play. I was experiencing a scavenger-free SC one round ago =oD Good job on that!

Again, I'm not an active player of Space Conquest, so my ideas don't count. Any Strive for Power players here besides the ones I know already?

Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-01-02 02:14:19
HAHAHHAHHAAHAHA i like how you made notorious guys the dark side, that made me laugh omen,
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-01-02 02:18:13
also omen sayign how people attack with 200 fighters and 10k torpedoes, it brings sutting to my mind, why cant we make it so one ship can only carry like 1 or 2 torpedoes, to avoid unrelastic battle, like i dont think 1 little fighters, can carry 1k torpedoes.....its not very realistic, idk, mayb i'm the only one that thinks like this, but thats fien with me, just posting some of my opinions

also, i think it'd be nice to have a beta test 2, that way it would avoid all the winers in sc
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-01-02 02:26:30
I'd just like to emphasize that Notorious are in fact the bad guys...and in an age long past there were some who had the Wisdom to see the dark in them. :)

As Omen already said, we are not active players of SC anymore, but it is, I hope, obvious that the current game settings made at least me, and probably some others, drop out...:)

Don't let your sleep for this one guys, and a happy newyear
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-02-10 06:41:25
In the beginning.....

The notorites had been a peaceful race for over 20 centuries. What was about to unfold would have only been classifed as catastrophic. An alien race that had remained silent to the known galaxy would create conflict indefinately.

These aliens subversivly controlled the people who had accepted the notorite way of life. Genetically modifying the very DNA that made these people individuals and turning them into a mindless horde of destructive fools that had forgotten love and peace. The only thing that survived the people of the free galaxy was the fact that full blooded Notorites were impervious to genetic modifications.

Whilst these aliens were swiftly destroyed the changes they created would send individual empires to conflict for countless generations to come.

We are not the bad guys, only the mind controlled zombies beleive that. Even then, its not really their fault. They can never love or feel anything. Ever again. Sniff.

Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-02-10 12:14:45
um sis... what you mean by see phill #1...? that didnt look very nice.. rofl
Post by: cajunman(67645)
2005-02-11 09:14:10
Omen i totally agree with you...the biggest advantage to being automatically fed up with people is that well frankly..you would have a great chance to be honored by being in a fed with me. Yes its true there would be a chance there. Torpedoes are extremely cheap and should be raised to at least the cost of mine grids. Torpedoes are a cheap tactic that weak players use to destroy empires twice their score because the system allows them too. I too build defense most of the round..I use torps too but not in ridiculous amounts. Its pathetic they can be bought so cheap and do so much damge..doesnt make any sense whatsoever. I totally agree with you Omen we should double their cost and make them extremely pricey so mine grids can once again become a factor..mgs are useless...its horrible..the other ships need to be used too and they are not ..not very much anyways..Lets all try to stop using torpedoes for one round and see the results..I hope you people understand the extreme vengance i can reap on your empires..Tread softly or feel my wrath.. ~whisper~
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-02-11 17:31:30
the only advantage to being in your fed to start with, is, the ability to kick you out.

You dont seem to have many fed members at the moment whisper
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-02-11 19:55:56
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-02-12 04:07:25
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