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Thread: Why Space Monkeys are a nuisance.
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-08-05 02:56:53
Dalvian stood before the great council hall on Pseudomoronic IV and adressed all the great lords. "As you know I've gathered all of you here today to discuss our greatest ever galactic threat. Space Monkeys are on the verge of wiping us from the face of existance. Does anyone have any suggestions?"

The mighty Achilles stood and waved his arm flamboyantly "comeon girlfriend lol". Dalvian looked annoyed "We'll have none of that foolishness. We are discussing Space Monkeys" Achilles looked ashamed. "ahhhh man".

Dalvian looked to one of the presiding ladies. "Lady Clams, did you wish to adress the council." She smiled. "I was talking to Sky" Dalvian tapped his staff upon the floor. "We are not here to dilly with our friends. What do you have to say about Space Monkeys?" The lady answered with her serious glasses firmly affixed to her face. "I have 11." "You have 11 Space Monkeys?" Dalvian screamed. "Don't you know that those things are dangerous?" Lord Achilles jumped to his feet. "yeah hit me lol i like i like!!" Dalvian threw his staff at Achilles, thumping him in the head. "Shut up you dolt!!"

Dalvian shook his head, showing great stress "Has anyone suffed losses as I have?" Lady Little Sister stood "man i had 20 harvies yesterday.. lol." Achilles pulled a blaster but Lady Clams steadied his hand. "We know better than that Achilles." Achilles stuck out his tongue and prepared to shood the Lord Dalvian. Lady Clams forced his hand down. "Or I could hit you if you'd like :-). " dang dudes you guys are embarrassing me..." said Achilles. He poited the blaster at Bearded Clams. She held a force dagger below his belt, the blade barely touching the surface. "I should be an easy hit since I've only done 2 runs LOL" Achilles, frightened, dropped his weapon. "oh man."

In the midst of the chaos Lady Little Sister walked up to the stage and kissed Lord Dalvian's ring. Lord Skydive spoke up, outraged. "it too early in the morning for corporate butt kissing here -- that will start in a few hours". Achilles startled everyone by saying something intelligent. "hmmm dude you cant get anywhere and be proud of it by kissin someones nasty hinny." Lady Clams looked confused and questioned Lord Skydive. "Are you sure it's the hiney that you're suppose to kiss LMAO?" The Lord backed away from her. "hmm, clams, and i barely know you ;-)."

Lord Dalvian Pounded his backup staff on the floor and finally brought the audiance to order. Lord Achilles chose this exact moment to go completely insane. He stood up on his chair, shaking, and screamed. " wayyyy too much coffee!!!" As one of the Council gaurds tried to grab him he screamed "rah rah!!", pushed past them and stripped down to his spongebob square pants pajamas. Running out of the room he yelled one last comment "heyas gurlies lol!!!"

Lord Dalvian threw his staff upon the ground and walked out of the room. He had decided to give up the great council and join the Space Monkeys afterall. Outside the council, standing in the rain, the exiled Lord Phill had his face pressed to the glass.

(I felt someone needed to wake up the Forum. It seems to have fallen asleep.) (I'm expecting comments from everyone who reads this.)
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-08-06 01:19:28
im insulted that i wasnt included, even having been jailed by lexus... sigh ive been forgotton..
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-08-06 01:53:13
There Phill. Read it again. I have not forgotten you.
Post by: jddegraff(43958)
2005-08-06 03:36:51
if your space monkey is bad........... DO YOU SPANK IT?
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-08-07 06:52:03
my face isnt pressed against the glass no more, ive been freed from being jailed by limpus nimpus
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