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Forum: SC General
Thread: Retirement
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-07-07 20:23:48
Sigh, me donate status up on the 10th, been fun guys but I think its time that I go bye bye. Now for the goodbye's

Spart: Even though ur gone too now ill miss ya bro.

Thug: Later dude (even though u gone too) miss the msn's

Trip/Kinley: I know we didnt always get along great... but Thanks for everything.

DOA: Sigh ur a great dude to chat with and I hope I still catch ya on msn.

Exilim: um... all things gerbil aside... I wish u the best.. thanks for the good times.

Sentires: Well.. ill still cya at work rofl..

Clams: If ya ever even read the forum... um had fun girly..

Little Sis: Had good times, funny times, and well bad times, no hard feelings.

Dalvian: Ill miss reading ur posts, may have to come on from time to time just to see what u type.

Bluebear: Your a great addition to the game man, keep learning and continuing to gain skill.

Skydive: Well aint talked to you for long, but your a very promising player and I think y our going to do great.

Opac: Later man, u should team with sis's fed.. maybe u get some gold now.. rofl

Shadowknight: Sigh my longest lasting buddy in sc... wherever u are.... bye bye dude

Troja: If u ever come back to sc... hit me up man maybe ill come back too... wish u the best

Gorgon: For gods sake put down the teddy bear. Later man.

Aladril: Wherever you are.... lol cya.

Warlords,lastbattalion,whisper,achilles whatever u want to call yourself.. may you finally have your chance at winning..... later.

Now then... feel free to bash my post...
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-07-08 02:16:56
Dear Phill's cat,

Phill was here when I first started and has allways been one of the strongest personalities in the game. He has added charachter, challenge, and general mayhem to this community.

I can't speak for everyone but I, for one, will strongly miss him. He has been a worthy opponent, and more than that, an friend. His absence will be a black hole in the universe of SC.

Please take care of Phill and make him stop by from time to time. Tuck him in at night and lick his feet so he can fall asleep. Also, tell him that thing that pops out of the computer is not a cup holder.

With my compliments,
Post by: Gorgon(27256)
2005-07-08 08:55:19
Later Phildo.. We've had good times...

Ges Notorious is well and truly laid 2 rest now :)
Post by: exilim(25091)
2005-07-11 10:34:07
stop fooling me with those retirement threads:)
Post by: Little Sister(34495)
2005-07-22 10:38:42
You've retired, but are you actually ever going to go away?
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-07-22 19:43:35
even you would be upset by that.. so no im just lingering around forever... but in retirement mode.
Post by: jddegraff(43958)
2005-08-18 04:05:55
this, ladies and gents, is how to retire. phil, you can be a class act when you want.
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-08-19 08:53:19
Hey phill, chat any time mate! hell, you ever in new zealand let me know, and I'll put u up for however long u want. (and your cat, and your missus, if u bring her)

Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-08-19 17:52:03
aww geez chris, that brings a tear to my kitty eyes
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