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Thread: More Interviews with SC's Roving News Reporter Dalvian
Post by: Bluebear(80853)
2005-05-17 04:47:13

... AND NOW, the SC NEWS FORUM does a reversal of course by asking its illiterate, insensitive, itenerate mailroom clerk BLUEBEAR IV to interview one of its very own Award Winning roving reporters... Yes, Friends, BLUEBEAR IV brings you an inviting invigorating intoxicating and almost interesting interview of our own late, great favorite "Twister of News", Mr. DALVIAN a/k/a "Jimmy" …. Take it away, BB ! ! !

BB ... Hello, Mr. Dalvian.

Dalvian(7968) ... I really should stop wasting time on interviews…

BB ... But, Mr. Dalvian, your fans want to know a little more about your literary career, and a lot more about your personal life.

Dalvian(7968) ... I finish new areas for adventures … It's not my obsentity obfuscation and it's limited at any rate.

BB ... Your personal life is limited? Don’t you ever get out? You know, away from the computer?

Dalvian(7968) ... Maybe tonight. I'm not making the new areas.

BB ... Okay, well… That’s interesting. Do you have anything you’d like to say to your fans out there, who enjoy reading your interviews and plays?

Dalvian(7968) ... I have to warn you sis. I've filtered your chat …

BB ... Hmmm… I know you try to make all your articles interesting by using at least one ten letter word in each of them. What’s your FAVORITE word?

Dalvian (7968) ... Obfuscation is a big word for concealment or camoflage (also big words.)

BB ... I see. Well, we also heard you are working on a NEW play. Anything you can tell us about your progress?

Dalvian(7968) ... It shouldn't be too bad. I coppied those lines ...

BB ... Is there any truth to the rumor that you also work for the Daily Planet, and that Superman gave you that nice Rolex watch so he can come and visit you when you need help?

Dalvian(7968) ... ...any soldier or veteran would understand... Classic and very meaningfull ....

BB: ... And what about music? What kind of songs do you prefer?

Dalvian(7968) ... Like the ones Dean Martin used to do... Sorry guys. ... Good night ...

BB ... Well, despite that, Mr. Dalvian, EVERYONE just LOVES to read your work. They just still don’t know much about your PERSONAL life. Are you going out on weekends? Word has it that you were seen at the local pub with PHILLO last Friday night.

Dalvian(7968) ... That was very difficult and I wasn't sure what the result would be.

BB ... Hmmmm ... ... Mr. Dalvian, I’m not sure what you mean by that. But, what do you say to your fans who are concerned some of your interviews are not appropriate for children?

Dalvian(7968) ... It's not MY obsentity obfuscation ...

BB ... Ahhh, your favorite word again. I am deeply honored. SO, what is your opinion of this interview so far?

Dalvian(7968) ... Hey, I thought it was good too. I was impressed.

BB ... Okay, well ... We’re just about out of time here. Only one more question: Did you drop the soap in the shower last Friday?

Dalvian(7968) ... Ooops!! ...but it's so much fun.

(Copyright @2005. This interview is 100% guaranteed - to be totally out of context by SC NEWS, who is solely irresponsible for the contents of this piece. Any resemblance of the persons or P-Dillys described in this Interview are purely accidental and all persons or things descrbed above are entirely fictional and/or fig mints of the author’s over active imagination.)

Post by: SkydiveMike(86286)
2005-05-17 05:25:50
Excellent stuff :-)
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-05-17 13:20:42
Supperb twisting of reality. A brilliant use of words. Very creative, funny, and entertaining. I think you just might win the award for SC NEWS best young reporter of the year.

Too bad you made fun of the editor..

Seriously..terrific work. I was very impressed.
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