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Thread: The Notorious meeting (A play by Dalvian)
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-05-17 00:41:31
(Taken from chat/out of Context of course)

The Curtain opens to three warlords gathered around a large oak table covered with starmaps.

Spartapus(5295) OH RAPTURE

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) well that explains the current #1 empire....

Thug Luv(2889) s**t floats to the top :) and u doing just that

*Spartapus places a red flag on the map)

Spartapus(5295) jez, exi fleetless. again!

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) ha ha ha ha

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) thats not luck.. thats a good thing...

Thug Luv(2889) ya friggn little twirp he is :)

Spartapus(5295) just exi

Spartapus(5295) lool

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) well.... that just dont cut it here....

*Thug stands and pulls a blaster from his holster*

Thug Luv(2889) Better duck coz i aint lookn wen im blastn

*Spart stands and trys to grab Thugs arm*

Spartapus(5295) cant control him

Spartapus(5295) (alien impregnation)

*Phill puts on a large mumu, lights incense, and begins sh aking two little bells*

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) starts the chant... death to gerbil.. death to gerbil.. death to gerbil..

*Thugs holds the blaster to his own head*

Thug Luv(2889) wake up in the morn and ask myself, life worth livn or shall i blast myslef, stomachs rumblin looking for a purse to snatch

*Spartapus slaps Thug*

Spartapus(5295) this fixes it i think

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) is it time ?

*Thug holsters his blaster*

Thug Luv(2889) it was all a dream, used to read Word-up magazine, Salt and pepper , heavy d up in the limozine

Spartapus(5295) less chat, more destruction....

*Phill puts his arm around Spartapus*

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) only if u give me a back rub and whisper sweet nothings into my ear...

Thug Luv(2889) i made tha change from a common thief, escalated to THUG now they all gimmie beef :(

*Spartapus describes his own actions*

Spartapus(5295) reach's for suspend button

*Phill winks at Spartapus*

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) well.. we could take care of that... come to the shower and wash me off

Thug Luv(2889) ok me stop at 4

Spartapus(5295) phil?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) u will need to, too handle all this phill

*Spartapus presses the suspend button. The room explodes in a brilliant flash*

Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-05-17 00:47:31
dear god.... i dont know what to say... it makes fun of me alot.. but damn thats funny stuff
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-05-17 00:55:24
Hey Phill, you said it.
All I did was alter the order, add some descriptions, and place it into a more amusing context.

Too bad you guys don't use Shakespearean language in the chat. I could write a masterpiece.
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