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Forum: SC General
Thread: Round winners
Post by: daniel smith(3538)
2005-05-15 19:25:13
# Fed Name Empires

11 Fame Wish,Middle earth,thug,wolverine,moolinger

12 Fame Wish,wolv,Doa,Rockhampton,Thug

13 Notor Thug,Wish,Doa,Mitey moose,Wolv

14 Wisdom Wish,Kai,Valinor,Pheonix,Knowledge

15 Notor Wish,Trick,Dedelus,Thug,Doa

16 Notor Thug,Trick,Ded,Doa

17 Extreme Spart,Gaulron,Tiger wars,Trimverative,Frantic

18 Wisdom Kai,Rainbow,Knowledge,Thoraskringer,Valinor

19 Notor Thug,Spart,Trick,Ded,Doa

20 Notor Wish,Doa,Spart,Ded,Thug

21 DAwordkeepers Kai,Stivesteen,Skunq

22 Hampsters Wish,Exi,The hoard,Meebe,Oca mortu

23 Notor Exi,Kinly(trip),Spart,Thug,Doa

24 Notor Spart,Kin,Exi,Thug,Doa

25 Notor Spart,Doa,Thug,Kin,Wolverine

26 Battlestargalactica Troja,meebe,Mitey,Ala,Bio hazard

27 Battlestargalactica Ala,Meebe,troja,kai,Gorgon

28 Notor Exi,Thug,Kin,Spart,Doa

29 Notor Thug,Spart,Ala,Gorg,Kin

30 Bearded dilly tratiors Spart,Exi,Clams,Phil,Shadow

31 Pegasus Mon,Kai,Clay,Exi,Dalvian

32 Excellent Troja, Exilim

33 Dajudicialchampions Kai,Sis,Ala,Libertus,Clams

34 My Fed Troja,Ala,Doa

35 ScKnights Troja,Rene,Simstar,Shadow

36 Justforfun Rene,Sent,DWP,Clams,Lib

37 Notor Thug,Spart,Trip,Phill

38 Notor Thug,Spart,Trip,Phill,Exi

39 Notor Thug,Spart,Trip,Phill,Exi

40 Notor Thug,Spart,Trip,Phill,Dealer

41 Notor Thug,Spart,gorgon,Phill,Trip

42 Notor Thug,Phill,Trip,Spart,Gorg

43 Notor Spart,Gorg,Thug,Trip,Phill

44 3RD Try Dealer,Renegade,Exilim
Post by: Little Sister(34495)
2005-05-16 11:44:45
Just a small correction, round 33- Trip wasn't in our fed, for the life of me I cant remember who it was, but, I have never fed'd with Trip.
Post by: daniel smith(3538)
2005-05-16 20:30:57
What ya mean trip in round 33 hehe :)

ya soz i seen 336 fed id on trip, ja where 326 :(
Post by: Little Sister(34495)
2005-05-16 21:55:18
LOL much better thuggie, that "edit post" button comes in handy, and yeaaa It was Al! Its all coming back to me now
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-05-17 13:26:52
There actually was a fed called Hamsters? Oh. and Exi was in it lol
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-05-21 21:47:09
hmm...i was on exi's team one of the times he won, a whil eback, i think i twas in xcellent, i hae a diff account now, so asking exi will be the only way to find out, but i did have a star a while back
Post by: kintster(20068)
2005-05-22 06:47:39
22 Hampsters Wish,Exi,The hoard,Meebe,Oca mortu
Post by: RadicalG(52434)
2005-05-22 06:56:05
Why is it Oca Mortu

Shouldnt it be Opa, or Ocu, or Opu? :-)
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-05-24 03:44:56
i was never with wish, i only had one star when i quit, and that was GIVEN to me by exilim, so there two problem, one i was with exilim once, and 2. i was never with wish in the fed "hamsters"
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-05-24 03:45:41
i wanna say i twas 32.....cuz i think ti was troja with exi that round
Post by: kintster(20068)
2005-05-28 06:15:32

End 2004-07-09


Name Id Total Score Total Empires
Hamsters 17 18516653 5

P Empire Id X Y FId Score AP Last Change A W
1 Exilim 6327 6 6 17 8446287 17 2004-07-10 00:34:49 W
2 Spartapus 5295 10 9 4 5198595 29 2004-07-09 23:02:20 W
3 Wish 2655 4 2 17 2592231 0 2004-07-10 00:34:54 W
4 TheHoard 5958 4 2 17 2513402 4 2004-07-10 00:10:24 W
5 OpacusMortu 6807 5 1 17 2485149 136 2004-07-09 23:26:58 W
6 meebe 5887 4 4 17 2479584 268 2004-07-09 08:24:50 W
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-05-28 19:57:37
6 ppl in a fed?
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-05-28 19:58:53
eh...mayb it was that one...but i rly seem to remember not ever being with wish or spart....specially not spart cuz he woulda never dropped teh fact that i was given the star...i'll just ask exi in the game, mayb he remembers, it doenst rly matter...just saying
Post by: kintster(20068)
2005-05-29 20:16:29
This is the top emp listing of that round. Spart wasn`t in the fed (look at the numbers), but Wish and those others were. Pretty clearcut to me. ;)
Post by: daniel smith(3538)
2005-05-30 18:51:06
good so it aint anuva stuff up by me, just opa drinking too much coola'
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-05-30 23:57:35
alrighty, got it, i just didnt remember wish being in it, thats all, but this is a super thread thug, superb job
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-05-31 04:56:12
9 of august 2004; Wish was almost inactive than; I think he didn't play a lot more after that one
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-06-02 20:22:32
Jez, i dont remember that round at all lol, i must have had a special deal going or something.... .OOOOHHHH Now I remember, haha, thats when everyone fed kai exp, like 6mill or something.

then we destroyed him, and left him with 2bps. at 600k score. and under the "agreement" i never hit exilim...

and wish jumped in that fed to get a * cheeky fellow.

i can remember saying to lots of people, i wana hit exi.... they all going .... nar honor...... Pfffft
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