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Thread: My interview with Whisper
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-05-12 23:37:58
(Taken from Chat) (Out of context of course)

Welcome to SC News. Our interview today is with that most beloved of SC personas, the loveable Whisper. Remember, here on SC News..we distort, you decide.

Dalvian: For everyone there is something that drives them to vicory. What is the one thing, Whisper, that you would most like to see in SC?

Whisper(11720) notorious loses ...ahahaha

Dalvian: Yes, I can see how that would drive you. They are a tough nut to crack. Do you remember the time I assasinated you?

Whisper(11720) no you lost

Dalvian: Well Whisper, I'm not going to argue with one as famously delusional as you. Let's move on. What do you think of Legendary Philldodilldo?

Whisper(11720) im gonna kill him myself with my big bullets

Dalvian: He's a great player. Don't you think defeating him will be difficult?

Whisper(11720) he will fall very easy

Dalvian: If you are so confident than why don't you go and attack him right now?

Whisper(11720) i wont attack until i know i can win

Dalvian: That doesn't seem very gallant. Let's say you do defeat him. What will you say to all your friends in SC land?

Whisper(11720) well lets all bow our heads and say a word of praise to whisper thy god

Dalvian: Thats quite a bit of ego coming from someone that many consider to be a newb.

Whisper(11720) i got your noob lol

Dalvian: Very well spoken sir. What do you have to say to those who say they can easily defeat Whisper?

Whisper(11720) you cant get me ..you cant get me...:P

Dalvian: It seems like you throw your so-called supremacy in the face of all the other players. What do you they think they say of you because of that?

Whisper(11720) some people call me a spacecowboy

Dalvian: I don't believe I get your meaning sir.

Whisper(11720) some people call me maurice

Dalvian: That doesn't make any sense either. Did Phill leave his beer keg in here?

Whisper(11720) im a joker and smoker im a midnoght toker

Dalvian: Actually, I think that explains a lot. Thank you for clearing that matter up for me. Now lets clear up an SC conspiracy theory. Is it true that Phill has a matter destruction cannon that allows him win his battles easily?

Whisper(11720) he tried to give it to Sis..Sis didnt want it and Gorgon said hed take it because he needed another chopstick because one his broke

Dalvian: That can't be true. If Gorgon has the matter destruction cannon why did he leave so quickly?

Whisper(11720) he knew the train was coming thru

Dalvian: To tell you the truth, Whisper,I think you are lying. I think you have the matter destruction cannon. You have had it all allong.

Whisper(11720) as a toy you are playful..you have many shortfalls and fallyou did..the force is not with you..nor is luck..nor is talent..nor is commen sense..crawl before me..beg for mercy

Dalvian: Hey, don't insult me and threaten me just becuase you know I am right.

Whisper(11720) ask your god for forgiveness...annoint my feet with thy lips

Dalvian: I'll do no such thing. In fact. I demand an appology.

Whisper(11720) come hither and bring me more gifts...sacrifice thyself and i will give unto thee the knowledge of balance

Dalvian: I'm starting to think you are insane sir. You must stop with these outrageous statement and give me an apology.

Whisper(11720) i love it when you call me big pappa

Dalvian: Now let's not start throwing out tidbits of our personal lives. I told you I only call you that in private.

Sorry Whisper. We are out of time now. Can we continue this some other time?

Whisper(11720) ahhh sorry about that..interview my gorrilla?

Dalvian: That sounds good. I have been wanting to talk to your gorilla. For once I can talk to someone intelligent.

Tune in next week when I talk to Whisper's Gorilla and discuss the the multiple theories that surround the notion that one can..indeed..turn lead into mustard.
Post by: cajunman(67645)
2005-05-13 00:22:09
now thats funny...you toad
Post by: Little Sister(34495)
2005-07-22 10:36:49
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