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Thread: My opinion thread
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-03-09 19:01:54
After all the game change requests and whining im fed up and must speak my peace now.

Before I get into others complaints changes etc.

I have made suggestions in the past without knowing what the game was about, or understanding (fully) why notorious wins so much. I now know those changes would do no good or are simply whining complaints to make less skilled players get unfair chances to win. I say unfair as its like wining an unearned victory if you handicap people. U can actually earn a spot in a good fed as myself and dealer now prove.

Yes i complained here and there about notorious in the past. But i was getting my rear handed to me long before most of you existed. I tried to allie groups against them but as my skill was low at that time, just as the others i was teamed with. it did no good. Now days there are players that can make a stand, yet you just all sit and bump heads and egos. STOP THAT and read.

First off to quote some complaints:

Opacus mortu: this is not a joking around forum or n e thing, i'm serious about this, bu ti'm sick of always fighting notorious,a nd seeing the same people on the top, its making the game so boring that 5 of the best players are always together, and its ridiculus

My opinion: Everyone has the right to fed with whomever they want. Its not our fault nobody else can use teamwork properly. If you were one of the skilled players you wouldnt be complaining. Learn to play better, use teamwork, understand proper ways to run. god i could go on and on.

The bearded clams: I agree that the game is becoming boring because the same people win all of the time. I think that there needs to be a handicap. The better you are, the harder it is to win. Something similar to what they do in Bowling Leagues. I have also suggested to Sparty that the empires in Notorious not fed together next round but each of them create their own fed and battle it out. Let's see if the challenge is accepted. 5 different Notorious feds battling it out. How exciting would that be? :-) Clams

My opinion: A handicap ??? now thats rediculous. this isnt bowling but let me guess your good at that right? Everyone has the right to fed with people they like to fed with, and are good fedding with, perhaps you could try the same?

Those are only two qotes.. i could go on. however the point is simple based on these alone. The players that are complaining have alot of the same problems they are the following.

A. Lack of understanding of the game

B. Lack of skill

C. Not online enough to win even if they had A, and B

D. Large egos

E. Lack of teamwork

So many people want changes and its only for one reason to attempt to make Notorious weaker in battle.

My opinion on that:

Give me a break, any change made to the game still leaves the basic mechanics intact, so untill you all learn the basics: hw, fleet, proper running, when the board is ripe, etc, then it makes no differance whats changed... Some want torps limited, or weakened, or made more expensive. Yeah ok that makes sence to weaken notorious, especially when most of you have to use so many torps just to get us. Really smart idea! Its simple guys/gals, drop your egos, work together, make a plan, and execute it. If you cant do this then nothing will change.

Now another opinion: Some say all the skill is in notorious. I dont feel thats totally true. Simstar knows how to play, heck even whisper knows somewhat... but as your egos wont allow you to be under someones wing, so you dont team up and fail. yeah.. makes sence.

Now another opinion: Basically what ive gathered is the following:

1. Everyone not in notorious (for the most part) wants the fed to not be allowed to play together.

My responce: so because your not in the fed, and are not of equal skill you want a good group to be weakened so you have chances to win... Last time i checked games are won by good players, not ones handed an advantage.

2. People want only changes they think will gain them advantages and notorious disadvantages:

My opinion: hmm thats like saying a Lightweight boxer gets to face a heavyweight boxer but the heavyweight has to have his arms broken first. Can anyone actually say they would feel they earned a victory with that in mind?

3. The changes requested will help the lower skilled players and make more stay.

People want so many changes its pathetic. The game has less skilled players ill agree, however there is plenty of skill out there if you would all set your differences aside and work together. Im sure i sound like a broken record already but if you cant win that dont mean you complain, that means you should try harder and do somethinga about it. Use what you have to work with as much as possible and dont give up. (cough cough sentires) (no offence) This is a game guys not a real life battle some of you dont seem to understand that.. try to please.

My opinion: NO make coffers the old way, fleet not needed to be donated, with one exception the #1 empire cant recieve mins or power. thus no feeding top guy. The more the game gets changed it seems the worse most players get. Only ones able to adapt will do well. And new players that come will not like to play a game that changes in two more rounds when you all fail with any rules that do change... its just silly.

So in conclusion:

Drop your egos

Quit whinning

Try asking some of us to give tips ( we do that you know )

Understand teamwork is critical against anyone on top

Learn to build proper hw

Learn to use proper running tactics

well basically learn to play, then maybe you would understand the whining is for no good reason. U have to earn a win this way, instead of complaining for changes that will do you no good. Im sorry if this seems harsh but after reading some msn cussing convos sent to a certain notorite ive had enough.

Here is a suggestion for a good fed:
1. Whisper + his delusions of grandure
2. Simstar + his desperate need to prove himself and earn a carrot
3. Gorgon + his skill, and his teddy bears
4. The bearded clams + her anger and - her ego and power hungry tendencies
5. Add a twist of Shadow Knight + his anger and you get a good fed.

Another good fed:
1. Little sister + her anger
2. Sentires - his willingness to give up
3. Kisimul castle guard + his old dedication to the game
4. Big brotha + his old dedication to the game
5. Add a slice of Dalvian + his crazy ways and another good fed.

Also some say notorious has ALL the skill... um no again the fed is not always the same line up. Or did none of you notice i joined, and so did dealer If you could learn to play they would have taken you in just as well.

Now to finish this post if you would just all take a quarter of your time that you whine and put it into the following you would win

teamwork, learning the games mechanics, etc you wouldnt have to whine now would you?

Thank you and please stop complaining.

P.S. oops almost forgot before ex says something here... im a noob im not supposed to have opinions... sigh
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-03-09 19:23:14
Does this mean more people will attack us now?

Post by: exilim(25091)
2005-03-09 21:22:19
good points noob;)

spaceholder *statement comming soon
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-03-10 03:45:34
I've never complained about notorious except to maybe get frustrated that they are a fed that is tough to defeat. I've been helped by many great players. Phill isn't lying when he says they will help you if asked. Have Spart, Ex, or Phill coach you on a run and see what happens. Read the manual written by Moncals. It has a lot of info he picked up from top players.

To Phill: The second fed you mentioned just about existed at one time and it was a good fed (Freedoms Hope/Pegasus)
Post by: Gorgon(27256)
2005-03-10 04:13:33


I have 2 say that I once nearly won then Notor took me down.. I wasnt online of course coz my car was stolen at the time so I was talking to the police. Needless to say I would have won had I been online...

Secondly, A fed combining 3 players (Aladril, Troja, and myself) managed to win a round against Notor. Thats only three players. I agree with Phil.. Stop trying to break the strong mans arms! Most of you know the game, if you focused half the time you take to whine into managing your runs a little better you would be num1 a lot more often.

I ran by myself the other day and I would have been num 1 about now if Thug hadnt come online 2 hit me before I could take Dealer. These things happen. Luckily all we are doing is staring at numbers instead of getting our arms and legs chopped off while losing a lot of blood in real life. Once you learn to live with your losses you can turn them into victories.
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-03-10 04:14:32
You want to take out Notorious?

1. Have people in your fed you can work with

2. Be prepared for a tough fight.

3. Don't let them scare you. They are great players but they are just players after all

4. Donate

5. To take them out you need to lower their fed fleet. Go for the lowest member of the fed. Knock him shipless and eat up the fleet.

6. The low member cleans the board. Interupt that run.

7. Have coordinated fed runs to take out one member at a time. Don't run straight for the top. You will not make it if they are packed together.

8. Keep one empire in reserve. (A good strategy in any battle for any war fought on any terrain)

9. Have one Fed member be your communication officer. (Good communication is essential in any coordinated effort)

10. Work together. It does not matter who gets #1 position. Competition is across the street, not across the room.

Most important. Pray to the gods of war. You'll need it.

Good luck.

And guys, it's a game. Enjoy it one opponent at a time. Get into the spirit of science fiction. Make friends (a lot of good people here). Most important-Have fun. It's just a game.
Post by: RadicalG(52434)
2005-03-10 05:20:56
I read this earlier and felt i needed to post, but gorgon and dalvian have covered it rather well, thanks guys :D

Having said that, remember, i really havent been around long at all, but ive made it into notor. the reason is that i put the effort in, i made sure i kept improving (even after nearly hitting a brick wall) and i kept on and on and on hitting those above me regardless of the fact there was always at least one player above him. play for yourself, and assume that as long as you continue to become a better player you are still winning even if it doesnt give you gold. i knew i wasnt gonna win last round, but i racked up 700k xp anyway and im damn proud of it. Put the work in and you WILL reap the rewards i guarantee it, and dont be afraid to learn from others


i might add, that if you believed in the glory of cheese, your runs and your fleet would be blessed by cheesy goodness. even an inferior blessing like that of dairylea will assist you.
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-03-10 19:58:10
nice to no i'm not good enough to be in any of the good feds :*-(
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-03-10 20:26:40
Maybe you shouldn't LOOK for a good fed. Maybe you should FORM a good fed. Find people you trust and can work with. Fed with them consistently. Develop good strategy and teamwork. Notorious didn't happen overnight.

Also there are several players that have never been in Notorious and have still earned their stars and or carrots. They are real danged good but they don't win all the time. They can be beat. We all can.
Post by: kintster(20068)
2005-03-11 09:37:52
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