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Thread: Roleplaying Stories from 2004
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-03-02 03:56:03
I had written these in 2004 not too long after I had first started playing Space Conquest. I have edited them for content and posted them for your enjoyment.

They all center around the Seth, a reptilian race with a strong warrior tradition. Dalvian was their emperor. This is their story.
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-03-02 03:56:53
The portal opens into dark space revealing a Seth warrior silhoueted against the inner lights. His reptilian muscles bulge as he looks about and prepares for battle. His scales glimmer in the light of the far away sun. With little effort he leaps into space and pushes away from his home ship, hurtiling towards the nearest ship. His magnetic boots hit the hull with a thump, his plasma rifle immediately tearing holes in the ship in a bright spectacle of light and sound.

A hatch opens not 20 meters from the great warrior. Rex S'tharkis, hero to all the Seth, crouches in anticipation of battle. From the hatch erupt hundreds of little beings, not a half meter in height. They are narrowly built with resplendant, plume topped, crimson helmets. As they storm out they fire lasers at the hero. Laser lights stream across space and score the ships hull. Rex hurtles from the ship in a mindnumbing series of flips, his plasma rifle firing non stop. The dill'ees are torn to pieces by the score, some screaming as they are thrown into space.

With every last Dill'ees dead Rex plants charges on the ships thrusters and smiles beneath his mask. "This one is for my people" he booms. "May all you dill'ees rot in the deepest bowels of hell !!!! With a heroic Yaulp at the stars he lunges from the ship and lands gracefully aboard his own vessal. "Rex's Pride". The enemy vessel explodes in a catastrophe of fire and sound then crashes into the surface of Phildodillldo Prime. Much of the planet explodes in fire. "Rex's pride" turns and heads back to planet Seth'rada in triumph. The mighty Rex S'tharkis rides the top of his ship and raises his rifle to the gods.

The crowd cheers at the closing scene and applause goes on even as the credits of the holovid play in the center of the room. The projector ceases with a whine and the lights come on. The Seth audiance rise from the seat. A little seth, his scales still soft, looks up at his mother as they leave the theatre "Mamma", he asks? "Is Rex really the greatest hero ever?" The mother, her eyes tired, gives a toothy smile to her son "of course he is". "Mamma" the boy asks again? "Did he really defeat all the Dill'ees?" She nods "Yes t'lorky. The Dill'ees are all dead now."

They exit the theatre into a street torn almost into rubble. Pillars of smoke rise from several prominent buildings and many other lie in ruins. The mother covers her son's eyes with a shawl and looks up as a Dill'ees ship heads into space, it's guns still firing into the city. "Let us go home now little t'lorky. I will tell you another story of how Rex beat the Dill'ees. You just ignore those sounds. The builders are just making more weapons" The hatchling nods his head beneath the brown shawl. "yes mamma."

Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-03-02 03:59:04
The corporate mineral hualer Ba'ldasta moved smoothly across space. A sqaudron of the imperial patrol fighters moved in a protective shell around it. Lord Th'kossas sat at the dining table tearing apart a Rakorsan beast. He savored every bite of the expensive delicasy, washing it down with an aged blood wine. He looked toward his assistant. "What did you say the profit was from the ore at colony Shivan?" Petran clicked his heals together "Lord we took in approximately 60 million desaries profit. Depending on market price of course." The corporate exec for Claw enterprises raised his glass in a toast and then fell to his knees as the ship shook from impact. Wine spillied all over him. He jumped to his feet and ran to his comm screen.

Eighty kilometers off enemy fighters were beggining their attack run. Several more shots shook the ship. Lord Th'kossas signaled Flight Major Frang of the imperial patrol. "Major, what is your status?" The screen blurred then came into focus on a young Seth warrior trying his best to run the battle and talk to an annoying corporate overlord. "My lord, we are holding formation and escorting you to the safe point, as my orders indicate." Th'kossas pounded the comm screen. "Listen, you arrogant little hatchling!! This is my ship, with my ore!! I'll not let some Cadet", he spat on the floor, "cost me a fortune!! By mandate of Feaudal law I command you to brake formation and destroy the enemy!! Is that understood major?" The patrol leader nodded "yes my lord. Frang out" The Imperial patrol squadron turned away from the Ba'ldast and fired their engines towoards the fighters of empire Vlad, never to be seen again.

Lord Th'kosssas reclined on his fur covered chair and enjoyed a glass of aged blood wine. In his free hand he toyed with a small chest full of gold coins. " 60 million in mineral profits" he said to himself. He downed the wine and threw the glass against a wall. " And another 6 million from the salvaged fighters." He smiled again and laughed. "Good job Major!! Good job indeed"
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-03-02 04:01:55
The whip lashed deep into Forthk's scaled hide and he felt searing pain wash through his back. He ignored the workmaster's threats and continued to push the heavy oar cart through the dark and narrow tunnel. Each step seemed a thousand miles and he felt as if he would never get used to the cold on this frozen rock. After what seemed an eternity he reached the cavern where his ore would be loaded onto a conveyor belt. He parked it, recieved his 10 desaries from the loadmaster, and walked into the tunnel that lead home.
Fathk smiled at his comrades and collapsed onto his matress near the community stove. "Another day in the mines. Another lode of oar for the cause." One of the others, a young laborer named Shallis, looked at him in dibelief. "The cause? The cause? Do you still believe the goverment lies and think we toil on this godforsaken rock for some great cause? They are just using us Forthk. Maybe you are too old to understand that. One day I will be gone from here and you and your cause can rot in these tunnels."
The old laborer was on his feet and before anyone knew what had happened he had Shallis pinned to the ground. His sharp teeth were but and inch from his throat. He breathed hot air into the face of the young worker. "You listen to me you whelp, barely out of your mother's egg!! There is nothing greater than the empire and the lords that rule it. Those of us in the Labor class are proud to do our part. We ARE the backbone of the empire!! Without the ore we dig from these tunnels and others like it our factories could not make ships and weapons! Without ships and weapons our soldiers could not fight the enemy!!"
He released Shallis and spit on him, the gravest of insults. He reached under his matress and produced a newspaper, then shoved it into the young ones face. "See this whelp? Our armies have taken the homeworld of the being known as Apocalypse. They won a great victory for our emperor but it was not without cost. 59,000 soldiers now lay dead on that planet. Great Seth warships float in space, nothing more than salvage now. They pay with their lives. All YOU do is sweat!! Never speak a word to me again or you will find out what it means to pay with your life."
Forthk returned to his matress and took a swig of cheap Seth brandy. He turned over and, still holding the jug, fell asleep. In his dreams the empire won yet another victory. Nearby Shallis stared at the older worker. He never made a sound. He also never again said a negative word about the cause.
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-03-02 04:06:04
Lord Th'kossa walked the bridge of the star destroyer V'tonka in silence. His claws clicked on the metal surface as he walked and his crew, all members of his clan, watched him. Reaching the centreal dome he stopped and looked around him at the carnage outside his ship. All around him were the wrecked fighters of his clan, the warriors of his people dead inside them. They were not alone. That was true. The wreckage of Uni Starkad's fleet floated along side them.
Claw enterprises was the top corporation on Seth. Not one company could boast the profits they did. Lord Th'kossa was the chief executive of Claw. Many considered him the most powerfull buiseness leader on the planet. This was not about that. This about those things that every Seth held dear; honor, duty, and clan. Lord Th'kossa was, besides being a corporate exec, the leader of his clan.
For eons the cornerstone of Seth society had been the clan. Every citizen had a clan and a caste. Whatever you did in life those two things would not change. Clans were also the basis of the military. When the emperor called war, as he had against the forces of Uni Starkad, it was the clans who brought their ships and their soldiers to the front lines. It was the duty of the Clan leader to lead them into battle.
Lord Th'kossa looked away from the space carnage and looked to his comm bracelet. The ground forces had secured the ports. He turned to his salvage master. "Send the shuttles down to Starkad city. The excavation teams have allready begun leveling the industrial sector. We have to be done before their fleet regroups. Move!!" The staff bustled and the Lord gave a toothy grin. Clan and duty were the cornerstones of Seth society. However, profit was still profit. What once was the wealth of Uni Starkad would now be the wealth of his clan and of Claw enterprises.
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