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Thread: Notorious
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-02-15 06:49:12
...this is not a joking around forum or n e thing, i'm serious about this, bu ti'm sick of always fighting notorious,a nd seeing the same people on the top, its making the game so boring that 5 of the best players are always together, and its ridiculus

i might stand alone on this, and thats fine

but i'm rly getting of tired of it beign the same people on the tom eveyr friggin day,

i know spart and phil will probably come in here and say some crap going 100% against me, because there happy, there winning
and i'm not complaining cuz i'm not winning

i coudl careless if i win, but goign agaisnt the same exact person on every friggin run is ridiculus, and i'm getting very bored with it, something needs to be done, cuz i know for a fact i'm not the only one who thinks this, we need to make this game equal again, its not equal anymore,

at least when i used to play we had ppl that were of equal talent that were anti notorites, but now we have very few vets that level up to notorious....

so post opinions on here, rants and rave's.....w/e.....i'll be looking forward to reading wut spart will say to it

Post by: golchasr(44184)
2005-02-15 07:01:04
I agree that the game is becoming boring because the same people win all of the time. I think that there needs to be a handicap. The better you are, the harder it is to win. Something similar to what they do in Bowling Leagues. I have also suggested to Sparty that the empires in Notorious not fed together next round but each of them create their own fed and battle it out. Let's see if the challenge is accepted. 5 different Notorious feds battling it out. How exciting would that be? :-) Clams
Post by: jddegraff(43958)
2005-02-15 07:07:42
well, like i said in notorious thread, next round will be my last round unless something changes. i am tired of the feeding on the board, and the top of the board becoming locked. the more time goes on, the closer to sct this game becomes, and soon it will have the same number of players. peter dont wanna listen, so why should i continue to pay. there are better games out there.
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-02-15 07:17:35
i agree about it beign more like SCT, its ridiculus how much torps ppl are using, i got hit with 200 fighters and 7k torps theother day, its just annoying
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-02-15 07:22:46
hmm, i just talked to my dad, and he said wut he thought, and i kinda get wut he's saying, that yah, we dont have a bunch of rly rly rly good vets anymore, but we got alot of good players, and if we were all willing to work together then we could take the top easy,if we had a bunch of good players, not just 1 fed, we could easily take them, so yah, i'm going back on wut i said, but we rly need to just work together if we want to win
Post by: golchasr(44184)
2005-02-15 07:30:19
Absolutely correct! We need to all communicate much much better than we do. Don't hit each other unless there is a totally planned strategy. We also need to interrupt every run that a Notorious Empire does. It will be hard for them to stay up top if they can't get there :-)
Post by: golchasr(44184)
2005-02-15 07:37:02
Absolutely correct! We need to all communicate much much better than we do. Don't hit each other unless there is a totally planned strategy. We also need to interrupt every run that a Notorious Empire does. It will be hard for them to stay up top if they can't get there :-)
Post by: Little Sister(34495)
2005-02-15 07:51:39
Yes it gets old playing against the best... but you know what..... its excellent lessons learned for all of us. (ie. Learning the hard way)Its the same in life as in the game... if you smack your head on a brick wall... you figure out a way to avoid doing it again, and you learn a valuable lesson.

You would think the same people would get bored after this long, and try something new, or at least want some better competition,and do things differently for a change, but some people are just stuck in a rut.

The only problem I have with Notorious right now is the free ride phil is getting. The fact is, he is a Notorious sympathy case, not old school Notrious. And we all gotta hear his pickled yap-a-flappin everyday, like he's Gods gift to SC. When in fact, he only got his 2nd star because Sparts whispering in his ear, and Notorious had a spot to "phil".

Live and Learn.
Post by: cajunman(67645)
2005-02-15 07:53:30
leave me alone and illtake them down..noone hit me and ruin my progress..Ill take spart and phil down in 24 hrs..ill have help ;)~Whisper~
Post by: cajunman(67645)
2005-02-15 07:54:23
lol sis...gorillllllllla time
Post by: cajunman(67645)
2005-02-15 07:55:21
im going to whisper in sparts ear...BOOM
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-02-15 07:59:23
no offense whisper...but u always say ur gonan take down the top, but i havent seen u do it yet, ur a great player, dont get me wrong, buyt i think ur ego is a wee bit to big
Post by: Little Sister(34495)
2005-02-15 08:03:31
Bring on the gorilla!!! =)
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-02-15 08:15:59


Oh hangon... Thats the speech I give to the crew of notorious.

OK, so we want to get serious. You may recall that whilst we won the previous round, we have yet to win this one.

Such a lot to answer I guess.
Firstly Id like to ask who the people of equal talent that were anti-notorites that used to play?

I recall that the hardcore anti-notorites gave up, why, they couldnt win.

Why couldnt they win. They were too busy killing each other to notice impending doom of the approaching Notorious flagships.

Boredom. We'll at least you guys get to attack things, Ive been up here to long. DYING from boredom.

Handicaping Empires.

You really want to win against a man with one leg?
Wont you just always know that you had two when you won?
Wont Victory feel hollow?
Does that mean we would have to give whisper like 10,000 aps so he can make second? (j/k gotta love the talk thou)

Feeding. I've been fed 20k from my own fed, and I beleive close to 900k from other empires.

Not playing will probably stop feeding me(us)

Heck we even made a fed fleet of 40k fighters. WHY would any lead team do that? NO Minerals were transfered to anyone in the making of that fed fleet.

I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THE ABILITY OF FREE FEEDING TO ALL THE EMPIRES BELOW THE NUMBER 1 EMPIRE. This would encourage close ladders and a lot of mins on the board below mr no 1.

Also gives the chance for not so good players to perhaps reach number 1. even if its not for long.


The last time u attacked me opac, was 200fighters, 26k Torps from memory.

Everyone beleives excessive torps wins the race. not that true

Opac's Ability.
Your one of the few thats tried to hit me, Your getting good. Maybe, with some team work maybe I'll go down. But taking me on, whilst online, and with a full set of aps. (bound to get you in trouble)

I gave you the chance to have 2 free hits. building in my range perhaps wasnt the idea you should have contemplated.

Opac's Dad.

What everyone has is the ability to play good sc, What everyone seems to lack is the communication, Im not been harsh here. Its only what I see happening

But If you dont care about winning, and you want notorious dead, maybe u should start to message some people, work together. IF you want us to loose, someone your teamed with will have to loose to win.

Look at thug there, many of times hes had a chance for a carrot, but he just keeps taking those hits for the fed.

Next on the agenda.

A few notorious players have agreed, that we are quite happy to spend the first half of the round beating the poo out of each other, not in a fed.

We of course join up later.

One person has already suggested we will just feed each other exp and mins, etc etc.

Well, I'll tell u this, we will take each other harder and faster than we would take someone else. ITS GREAT PRACTICE. As for the exp that would be fed, I can assure that when one notorite takes another notorite in battle, exp is the last thing gained.

Trust me, if notorious run as a free for all, We will try and kill each other as best to each members ability.

So provided the rest of nortorious agrees, we will if its wanted run as individuals for the first part of the round.

Any way, thats all I can offer.

Regards Spart.
Post by: golchasr(44184)
2005-02-15 08:30:52
So I guess what Spart is trying to says is that he would rather pay to be bored than to make the game more interesting :-) Also in Opac's defense, you hit down on him before he could hit you twice. Must have feared him actually taking you down in 2 hits. LOL

Notorious has been beat and can be beat again. I do have some stars from being in feds that beat Notorious. :-) Maybe they are afraid of not being able to win if they don't fed and feed together. Hmmmmmmm No fed coffers or fed fleet could mean the demise of Notorious. MUAHAHAHAHA!
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-02-15 08:50:23
What im saying is most people want to take a win, they dont want to be given it. We'll at least i think most people are like that.

also lesson learned there is dont build in sparts range when hes watching.

BRING IT, Clams :)
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-02-15 09:00:13
Next on the list.

In no way has phill earned a free ride in notorious.
He is not a sympathy cause.
He was picked and asked.
I do not whisper in his ear.
He's currently first, We didnt feed him, he got there by himself.

Just setting that bit of information right.
Post by: jddegraff(43958)
2005-02-15 09:24:51
spart, you can proclaim your innocence to your hearts content.... you may even be right and YOU havent fed mins up.... but the truth of the matter is i HAVE seen trip feed up. thuggie takes one for the team, you guys destroy the ladder and frankly i know i aint that good of a player. but if a game is one sided and one can be won by skilled paying players, whats the point? noobs will leave, decreasing the talent pool, and even skilled players will leave. unless the system changes, sc is a pointless game, the social part is fun, but only goes so far. peter really needs to do away with fed coffers, and the more you guys argue against it the more i am convinced that feeding is bad for the game. plus to preserve the ladder more and keep the top guys vulnerable a higher limit on hitting down should be employed (1/3rd of your score perhaps, as you guys up top seem to have become eager to spend ap hitting down now, further wrecking the ladder....) so sc has become as lame as sct. hope peter gives refunds.
Post by: Little Sister(34495)
2005-02-15 09:28:59
I didnt say he was fed.
He's not the only one who was asked.
I said Pickled- not picked.
And in 20+ rounds of playing, phil has one star to show for it, the first round he joined up with you he got a 2nd star = free ride.
Post by: scion(66682)
2005-02-15 10:05:21
Well just for an FYI, im creating an anti-notorious fed for the next round. Hopefully a solid defense set for one goal against them will do the trick.
Post by: Little Sister(34495)
2005-02-15 10:11:15
Who are scion?
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-02-15 10:13:13
a noobie i think
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-02-15 10:13:37
and FYI scion, one fed with do nothign agaisnt notorious, we need everyoen to work together
Post by: cajunman(67645)
2005-02-15 10:22:46
lol..spart and notorius are the best organized fed in sc hands down. They have what others dont have..teamwork. There are several good players in this game that could equal the might of notorious easily. The problem is exactly what spart said. We are too busy hammering each other to pay attention to the onslaught of notorious coming. Empires like opac and myself have fed notroious from failed attempts. I have no help so i go solo. I was going to fed with nrp but i had promised opac i would fed with him again.he has to go to bed early so i chose to go solo. Its not notorious here its us. Not cooperating. I for one do not want notorious to just lay down so one of us can acheive a cheap symbol. They are a great fed and if we want a symbol they i say we should EARN it not have the best fed stop playing so everyone can be happy. Wanna be happy. Learn what they have already learned..Teamwork..you will accomplish a whole lot more. Those that are un happy should stop and approach this game from a different direction..

Lets not be to hasty to blame spart and notorious for being great players.I for one like the challenge. I wont feel ive earned anything if I dont have them to contend with.

Want to win.. watch and learn the way of Achilles............................~Whisper~
Post by: Little Sister(34495)
2005-02-15 10:47:53
I agree for the most part, team work is absolutely neccesary here. Im tired of whiners every round complaining about Not. they are a great fed, and about the only competition I get... with a few exceptions.

If people would quit trying to do it ALONE, quit feeding minerals and xp.


Go with a PLAN.

It takes more than 1 fed to run a ladder correctly.

Let the 1st person go, attack, spend all APs, then the 2nd, (from a different fed) take the corpse of the 1st, build up and continue the attack where the first left off, let that person spend all APs, and so on... 2-3 players can do it

All this needs to be done when the defender is NOT online.

Its very simple.
Quit fighting amoungst yourselves and DO IT!
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-02-15 11:27:54
Dont by any means suggest we havent fed people minerals in the past and wont do it again, and yes, trip did send me the 20k mins i was speaking about, 20k to thugs and 20k to phill. He wanted to stay low in the action and kill people.

We how ever arent the ones that have wrecked the board this round so far.

And for the record, I actually agree with whisper for most of his statement. SHeeez.
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-02-15 11:28:56
Lil sis... im not getting a free ride.. here is the truth.... i stunk as a player in the game up intill like 4 or 5 rounds ago... if you cant handle that i am able to play... im sorry. ive been given 20k mins that i can recall this round your NOT ON EVEN A QUARTER OF THE TIME I AM S0 WHO DO THINK YOU ARE!


Post by: Little Sister(34495)
2005-02-15 11:39:31
Yep, no life is exactly how you got there. I agree 100%. Enjoy your blue page and little yellow ^.
Post by: exilim(25091)
2005-02-15 11:45:17
me hungry but its late and Im tired too.. so i just go to bed to gain aps and hope for a board without one of my mates on top sigh..
my xp is doing fine so far could get 500-700k if really necessary but uhm just stop feeding pple and get mins smarter to hit with ships torps r a good thing but the way some pple using them is just a waste of aps

a bored exi
Post by: scion(66682)
2005-02-15 11:54:23
I'm surprised these notorious vets wouldn't want to duke it out to see who is the best. Just a thought...

-The Annointed
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-02-15 12:14:41
i have a life i just tend to forget about it at times... you just dont understand that i have a schedule that permits me to be on alot.. and i like to be... i play the other plit games as well not just sc.. chris and i are up here due to all the others crummy runs not me being handed mins / a free ride... if you guys would communicate more then we would be down long ago.. just drop all your egos and work together to a common goal if you cant do it with a fed your in. I hear stuff like hey if you win ya shouldnt fed together next round.. well i can understand that to a point but my problem is hey... if your a good team together then why ruin a good thing.. oh thats right so people that have less skill get a chance... yeah ok talking about free rides...
Post by: Little Sister(34495)
2005-02-15 13:31:23
C'mon Fill, did I once say you were fed mins? NO.
Free Ride... Piggy Back on Notorious is what I SAID. In 20-25 round you got 1 win, UNTIL YOU JOINED NOTORIOUS. If you think we dont recognize a "free ride" when we see one, you're the one without the clue....

And speaking of egos, hoooo dawgies... ever since you joined notorious, you have to turn sideways to walk in a door, deflate your big fat head and you wont have to turn left to get your fat ego thru the door any more.

Speaking of common goal.. you all should read the "AP cost- torp..." thread. No nonsense, No Bull, just the facts man....

And what phil is really trying to say is .. since Notorious invited me and will carry me... why change a thing? We're not blind, we got the clue...

Post by: dwp(51152)
2005-02-15 13:33:39
Hmmm - lots of emotions running high here.

1) Notorious is a good fed.
2) Notorious is an honourable fed (mostly).
3) Notorious are the 'benchmark'.

I can't say anything bad about them - I have seen them go offline to let others have a shot - sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. Spart has come on minutes before I hit him and in all likelyhood ruined him - he rebuilt then felt sorry for me so actually donated some ships so we could drop his score so I could hit him with the 120k torps I'd built - I lost the hit and maybe that was inevitable but I can't really complain seeing as he at least gave me the chance.

When running against notorious it is true they are almost always on or have a 'watcher' lol (phil is annoyingly good at it) but I don't see anything to complain about.

Yes, I have been hit down on by notorious a fair few times, but it is possible to build hw and leave ships til you are ready - then build all your ships at once - pop up and hit them. I have done it and I'm sure others have too.

The whole feeding argument - I watched as thug pumped the fed fleet with almost 40k fighters (he got most of the mins from me I think) and the aim wasn't to feed anyone else mins as far as I could tell. It created a gap, but in my humble opinion it created a very nice ladder to the top. They disagreed with me obviously!

The only feeding they have done (so they claim - and I believe them) was done by trip so he could stay low and battle it out - a ery clever plan that has meant that while trip may not be sitting at 2mil score his exp is probably the highest in their fed and he is the one that will be most difficult when gunning for top. Phil might have more ships or whatever but a couple of good hits anyone falls EVEN WHISLT ON - its gonna be trip snapping at your heels that will be the deciding factor in a good run.

So what am I trying to say? Ummm, well I agree that it can be disheartening seeing the same familair faces at the top every day, but I see it as a challenge. They can sit up there all round as far as I care but it is whoever sits up there at the end that is the winner. I don't envy phil or spart a single bit lol - not knowing if you're still gonna be up every time you log on - not being able to DO anything - geez, they're exploring people just to use up aps lol.
Guys - the longer the stay out of reach the easier it will be for them to come down. It might not be possible this round but they aren't in any way secure up there - and I think they know it.

So I think that we can't blame notorious for winning (although it would be nice to accuse them of cheating or something) because it is everyone else's inability to work effectively that's hurting us - sure if they were all offline for 24hours that'd help, but it ain't gonna happen and it isn't their fault we can't do it.
Post by: renagade24(48895)
2005-02-15 14:03:31
wow lots of people talking about this fed and that fed, first lil sis you are one to talk about free rides, thats how you got your stars. so phil is in notorious now, so what.. anyone of you would take his place and say you earned it, maybe phil did earn it, he earned a star a few rounds ago but my fed robbed him of it.

lil sis likes to write alot, but isn't you that didn't play last round because sentry called you on something you said at the beginning of a round about how your fed was going to win? and yes it was you I too saw it on the chat board.

clams said it if you want to beat notorious everyone work together.
Post by: Little Sister(34495)
2005-02-15 14:10:39
I agree totally! I thouroughly enjoy the challenge of Notorious. OLD SCHOOL that is! I have fear of 1 player in this game...Spart... And he knows it. Let them feed, OR NOT.. the rules are the rules. I do not bother with the petty @$$ "you're feeding" whines..

1)I came
2)I saw
3)I beat my head against the Notorious Wall

You got that RIGHT!! Notorious are the ones to beat! If I were to beat them... I would lose interest so fast in this game. It wouldnt be funny.

I enjoy the challenge of (Old School) *Notoripus*

**And RIGHT here is where dwp hits my key note...
And I quote "Guys - the longer they stay out of reach the easier it will be for them to come down" .. I couldnt have said it better myself!!!! Exxxipoooo.... You put me above "Fills" xp tonight!! Yes! TY BABY!!!.

Now if we all work together... things wont turn out the way you dread.....

C'mon communicate with me..
Post by: renagade24(48895)
2005-02-15 14:26:46
just think 10 to 15 rounds ago sparta, thuggie, trip, and exi were noobs learning how to play also.. its call paying dues, learning. so they are the better players now, maybe all we need it time, to watch and learn from them, adapt, and maybe improve some of their ways to beat them. lke its been said work together and they can't reach the top. its always fun to learn to play a game, so enjoy the game, don't let it play you, you play it
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-02-15 15:34:19
At least i think the great thing thats come from this massive post, is that people will try and work together to kill us.....

Btw, the fed fleet was designed to create a ladder :)

Post by: daniel smith(3538)
2005-02-15 15:47:25
hmm what a bollocks lot of posts that aint achieving anything but darkening the atmosphere over sc..first drop the phil is freeriding crap.his skill has improved gradually for a wile now and sometimes plays better then i do :( he deserves his spot in mine and all other notorious guys fed, we asked him to join becaause we seen good talent in him and the ability to work in a team..

no1 is feeding i placed 40k fed fiters yesterday to try it out..it failed me as i was tramped on.like spart pointed out 1 hit on us feeds 100k mins plus, fed feeding is 20k max..as trip used in his way of attacking for longer.i wasnt even on to spend my 20k..

2 y should we make ourselves weaker so its easier for others, wisper made a dam good post that should be listened to.

players in the past have injoyed free rides, wish joined 2feds to help them win 15+ rounds back..i let sim in fed 1 day b4 round end because he was wining about another star..

lastly this exp madness.no1 in our fed has the highest exp in the game, i have a puny 131k of it..when getting hit with plentiful torps we dont gain much.and when i run to 3rd becoz fellow members are above i dnt get much either..as proved all the time in the past exp dnt mean jack when sum1 thinks rite plans a run rite and carries out there attack rite
Post by: golchasr(44184)
2005-02-16 00:33:19
This is a good Soap Opera :-) As SC Turns!! We could all become millionares from all of this crap. LOL

Although, it has livened the game up some. Good Luck everyone.

Notorious please note: I will do everything in my power to make you fall or aid in making you fall. I will not give up until this task has been completed. :-)

I do still love you guys!! :-)
Post by: ShadowKnight(13560)
2005-02-16 03:45:14
I hope you all find this slightly helpfull for next round.

A long time ago, we set out to destroy Notorious, there were 4 full feds against Notorius, and we failed. We worked toghter and tried, but failed.

Problems we encountered is that we failed to talk to each other enough

Biggest problem we had is we were tip toeing through the fields not hitting each other.

thats the worse thing to do, work toghter as a team, but don't be affraid to hit each other. Set up ladders, let yourself be destroyed, and so on
Post by: cajunman(67645)
2005-02-16 07:09:10
hey sis..mmmm...
Post by: simstar(98)
2005-02-16 07:31:37
Wow busy thread. If anyone put the same time and dedication into sc as those in notorious then they would have just as many ^ and *'s, thats pretty much a fact, once you know how to play the game its all just fine tuning and most importantly comunication. Im sure if i had the time to comunicate with my fed and other players in the game we could bring down who ever happens to be on top, alas i do now have the time to play the game like i did 2 years ago when FEd Ascension and i were the notoroius of old. I would love for someone to step up to the plate and put the time in and comunicate with myself and others a plan of sorts. But the only people who seem to want to put the time in or have the time to put in are those in notorious, in my opinion they deserve to win because they put the effort in.
My two cents.
Post by: kintster(20068)
2005-02-17 08:11:31
Ugh... what a lot of words for nothing.

I was advised to come and take a look at the forum and it's indeed quite funny. I'll just add my 2 euro's and be off again. ;)

- Phill: We needed a 5th member and Phill was the one who got asked for various reasons. We've given him a hard time in the past and messed with him, but he never carried a grudge and he improved a lot over time. Now he's a solid player and fits in well with the other guys. He's on #1 because he made a good run and was the last one of us to end up on top and others seem to have a hard time taking him down. It's as simple as that.

- Feeding: I did send some mins up earlier on this round, but that was because I really had no desire to go any higher and create a ladder and some people just kept hitting me whilest I was online stuffing me full of mins. I didn't want those mins, 'cuz I was quite happy with my fleet and also had no desire of becoming a min bank and loved the xp they were giving me, so I threw the mins away. I actually gave most mins to Thug who was on #2 or #3 at that point. If we wanted to feed someone into orbit, they would have been out of reach to everyone else by day 7.

- Changes on top: Someone was complaining that there were no changes at the top and that just total rubbish. It's not like one player got launched into orbit halfway the round and stayed there 'till the end of the round (because that's how it used to be most rounds half a year ago). Me and my fedmembers have nearly all been on top at least once this round and been taken down again and the Phill's score is relatively low. It's true that we've been hogging the top, but that's only because it's been so easy to run straight back to the top everytime we got taken down. If we can do it, others can too.

- Dja vue: Ppl have been complaining about Notorious on and off ever since I started playing SC (when I was Kinley). I even refused an offer to join them when I was still fairly noobish, because I thought they were evil (and well, they had aussies in the fed). Ppl have complained about N being too dominating in the past too, but that's mainly due to the fact that at that time other players and feds just couldn't get their act together. There are quite a few feds and players who managed to win whilest N was playing too. If they can do it, why can't you guys?

- Get your act together: Notorious doesn't have a big plan. We don't have one leader who tells everyone what to do. We just chat and go and do stuff. Sometimes we plan runs, but more often than not, they happen spontaneously. It helps that we live in 3 totally different timezones, so we can be on a lot. When we've got a big challenge ahead of us, we can get our act together though and do what has to be done. Make a good plan, inform the ppl who need to know, set a time and go and do it. It isn't that hard... oh, and please don't forget that it's just a game.
Post by: kintster(20068)
2005-02-17 08:14:55
Kintster is Trip Fontaine by the way. ;)
Post by: ac(30533)
2005-02-17 23:07:23

where is the harmony sc used to be????

as i already said, notor do not organize much, only if the board is really really hard they will make a fedrun.
and i agree noone is better in fed runs than notorious, but thats not the reason they wins.

i fink the most empires have to low experience with highscore empires and are frightened to attack, but how will someone get the exp if they dont try it out???
my first times in top 3 was an disaster too, loost my attacks or been hit by the top but hey so what 2 days later i tried it again, everytime i falling down i learnt more about the attacking.

so (no offence) dont cry like a baby all and try to take them down with ur own fed, on a fair and gentle way...

Post by: Little Sister(34495)
2005-02-17 23:23:40
3 days later and youre STLL on about it.

Cant ya take a joke? LMAO
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