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Forum: SC General
Thread: Good bye!!! :)
Post by: ac(30533)
2005-01-22 00:24:18
K round 36 was my last round for the next 6 month, i really needs a break and my heart wasnt really in the game so i fink it is time before i loose the fun for SC. The second point is that i am going to China for 6 month doing my foreign semester.

Atleast i wanna thank my mates ... it was fun playin and chatting with u all, also thx Spartapus, Thugluv, Trip, Exilim and Phil for the crazy but nice shots on me :)

Also i am happy to c that many Empires learnt how to attack more agressive. ( Clams, Sent, DWP, Shadow etc..)
fink nextime i playin SC aain i wont get a carrot that easy like in the past :) but u all knows i like the challenge!!!!!

And who knows not playin SC for 6 month??? hmmm i will fink about it lol

CYA Troja
Post by: jddegraff(43958)
2005-01-22 00:44:15
we will miss you troja!!!! please come back soon! and good luck in china!
Post by: golchasr(44184)
2005-01-22 00:45:32
Will miss you bunches Troja :-) Have as much fun in China as you possibly can drum up :-)
Post by: The1AndOnlyBug(30128)
2005-01-22 01:47:34
gl troja =D -vlad
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-01-22 01:54:46
I dont recal saying you had permission to stop playing.
Post by: Claymore(37218)
2005-01-22 05:47:41
Good Luck Troja. You'll love the people. (And no Phil, I'm not going to China with Troja. Wish I could)
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-01-22 05:52:37
lol clay. u not allowed to leave
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-01-22 22:30:54
Troja, You will be sorely missed as a great friend and a great enemy. lol.

Wish you all the best in real life and do hope you pop in from time to time,


Post by: aeldrin(34951)
2005-01-23 23:33:43
Hey Troja,

I'll miss playing with you. One of the few things that can usually draw me out of my retirement and back in S.C. are playing in a Fed with you.

If you do pop back in six months from now, send me a ping and I'll quite happily sign back in.

Have fun in Shanghai!
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