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Forum: SC General
Post by: jddegraff(43958)
2005-01-21 11:27:33
Thank you all for voting, i know you all are dying for the results..... but the winners need to contact me at jddegraff@hotmail.com to receive thier prizes (you all thought i was kidding?).... and next round there will be some simple guidlines to follow.... and now, withou further delay.... THE VOTE FOR THE PLAYER RESULTS!!!!

1) the best player is... no question this one went to Spartapus !!!!... (hope that doesnt become a pattern like his gathering stars and carrots does!)

2) worst player is...(trouble gathering votes on this one, this question will be dropped in future votes)... Opacus Mortu !!!

3) worst attack again, Opacus Mortu !!! congatulations OP!

4) slowest run is

........... Kai of the Brunnen G!

5) most liked is....Aladril!!! Everyone give him a hug, now!

6) most hated is....Exilim!!!!Everyone give him a hug, now!(and plant the knife in his back DEEEEP!)

7) funniest nickname for a player is.... The Bearded Clams! (And phil wonders why i smile a lot at work?)

8) worst defender is.... Scraps from federation Junk pile! in case you all are wondering why, this guy defends with harvesters, so next time you see him on the board, say "hi, and nice to meet you!"

9) best defender is.... Troja! Keep this in mind next time he is above you and online folks!

10) best attacker is....again a repeat... Spartapus!!!


12) most improved player is.... the drunken scot, DWP!!! Good job, and i am not saying that just because you are in my fed, either!

13) havent learned yet player is.....renagade24!! You have got to save that AP, brother!!!

14) player deserves to win is... Thug Luv!(I now accept donations to the "buy thuggie a carrot fund")

15) player needs to give it up is.....Spartapus!!!! and besides being the best player, the best attacker, we now voted you OFF THE ISLAND!!!!!

again, thank you all for voting, its been great, good luck tomarow, and see you all again next round!

sentires would like to thank the following, clams, my wife for making this a fun game, phil and ren for the insperation, and all the sc players for all the support!
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-01-21 11:54:36
HAHAHAHAH well done man, look forward to next round :)
Post by: dwp(51152)
2005-01-21 13:16:24
I take greast offense to beiung called drunk - *hic* - cos i'n noy alwayd. So there!
Post by: dwp(51152)
2005-01-21 13:26:50
I take greast offense to beiung called drunk - *hic* - cos i'n noy alwayd. So there!
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-01-21 16:34:58
Rofl.. i would like to thank the SC academy for my award.. now where is my straight jacket !
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-01-21 20:38:28
Sorry jdegraff, didn't know it was a round 36 contest :)

Well, anyway... I'd say we give Spart a golden carrot with handshake;)
Post by: jddegraff(43958)
2005-01-22 04:00:34
rotflmao.... i didnt, either till it got moving.... we will have a "all stars" vote on round 40.... if it lasts that long.....
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-01-22 09:27:22
:-( i won the worst two catagories *tear*
Post by: cajunman(67645)
2005-01-22 10:04:23
LOL....Lets rock this joint
Post by: LosRicos(56225)
2005-01-22 17:12:53
Some Day I'll finally get the worst player award I deserve..

C'mon... Think back to that first day of the alst round, when I blew off my whole load of ap in a matter of seconds.

Damn you all.
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