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Forum: SC General
Thread: Official player nicknames
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-01-20 05:26:01
vote for players nicknames here....
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-01-20 05:27:06
me... lord helmet, great purple leader
ex... exi poo
spartapus... platapuss
kinley... unkindley
kai... capt. cupcake, kai of the crayola G
gorgon... gorgy poo
aladril... aladrool
you get the idea
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-01-20 18:13:39
i reckon kinley should be kinkey
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-01-20 18:14:07
whats that one everyone calls thug?
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-01-20 18:55:47
thug... tugs, tuggy
Post by: jddegraff(43958)
2005-01-22 07:00:02
kia of the cheap car
Post by: Kubala(25078)
2005-01-23 13:14:07
does something rhyme with kubala?
Post by: jddegraff(43958)
2005-01-23 19:52:02
New way of barbecuing!

The KUBALA outdoor cooker.
Post by: jddegraff(43958)
2005-01-23 19:54:59
abdollah, adalah, alcala, ayala, begala, butala, cecala, cipolla, feola, fiala, fudala, gwizdala, haapala, hakala, hezbullah, homola, isola, kerala, kujala, lasala, lascala, latvala, machala, magdala, matala, mccollough, meola, natala, neola, nevala, niedbala, nuala, ojala, pekala, pendyala, penkala, perala, rajala, ramala, ramallah, rantala, rintala, rogala, rogalla, ruhollah, sabala, santala, savala, seppala, sigala, switala, tafolla, vadala, vempala, wiitala, wirkkala, zabala, zappala, zavala

pick one!
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-01-23 21:46:12
wirkkala.....sounds coolest
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-01-26 23:13:37
oh no... i gave sent somewhere else to say meaninless banter... arg arg arg..
Post by: jddegraff(43958)
2005-01-26 23:32:07
hahahahahaha phil, you know i cant resist a forum post, especially in the world of SCdom! think of it as payback for you posting in my noob section
Post by: golchasr(44184)
2005-01-27 00:47:23
Kubala - Kubala Bear :-)
Thug - Thuggie
Ex - Exi Poo
Sentires - Sent (does that me I can mail him somewhere else?) :-) I love you Babe!!
Phil - Can't post it Peter will ban me, LOL
Opac - OPP
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