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Forum: SC General
Thread: Awards..
Post by: Voltage18(145681)
2006-01-21 06:20:43
I was bored, and had a idea of creating awards and people can vote who they think deserves it. In any shape or form i do not intend for this to get critizising. And please dont vote because you like them personally. You can nominate people, or suggest.

Best Comedian:
Best Fed Mate:
Best Overall Player:
Most Improved:
Best stradegist:
Best Short Runner:
Most Active Player:
Outgoing Player Award:

thats all i got right now

Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2006-01-21 06:46:28
Best Comedian: DALVIAN

Best Fed Mate: Cant pick one, Spart, Dalvian, wow.. rene, dealer, skydive sheesh i could go on forever.

Best Overall Player: (in history?) Spartapus

Most Improved: Quasar

Best stradegist: loool cant vote for myself so, exi, troja, spart

Best Short Runner: what is a short runner?

Most Active Player: cant vote for myself... shoot no clue skydive maybe ?

Outgoing Player Award: Depends on what u mean.
Post by: Voltage18(145681)
2006-01-21 07:48:31
Short runner - who can get to the top with a short amount of aps..

Outgoing - Friendly, welcoming new members, want better for sc ect.
Post by: jddegraff(43958)
2006-01-21 08:15:54
i used to to this every round. g/l
Post by: LosHobos(128600)
2006-01-21 08:37:16
Best Comedian: No Self Votes, thus, Dalvian Takes Ye Olde Cake ;)
Best Fed Mate: I think I'll suspend my vote on that one.
Best Overall Player: This Round? Dealer man. He had the potential to destroy, hardcore.
Most Improved: I think Volt would get that, really...
Best stradegist: Exi/Troj Combo
Best Short Runner: No clue...
Most Active Player: Skydive
Outgoing Player Award: No Comment.
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2006-01-21 09:00:11
Best Comedian: Phill cracks me up pretty good and Maell compliments my very well in chat.

Best Fed Mate: Phill

Best Overall Player: Spartapus

Most Improved: Voltage18

Best stradegist: Exilim/Troja...Ony they have the deviousness and obsession to win that gives them the strategy they need here.

Best Short Runner: Dealer

Most Active Player: Skydive

Outgoing Player Award: Maell and Sky both seem very helpfull to new players.

And yes..Sentires used to do this all the time. I think I may have done it once or twice myself.
Post by: Voltage18(145681)
2006-01-21 09:47:12

Best Comedian: Dalvian.. Clays funny 2.
Best Fed Mate:I havent fedded with many, i would probably have to say Los, Professinal feeder right ryan ;).
Best Overall Player: Ever, probably Wish. I've heard alot about him - a legend people say.
Most Improved:I Wasn't really paying attention to this, i'd probably say quasar. I have improved alot aswell, but voting for myself is selfish :).
Best stradegist:Exi,Tro,Phil
Best Short Runner:Exi
Most Active Player:This is a hard one - Sky, Exi, Tro.
Outgoing Player Award:I haven't really seen much of this, i'd probably say maell.
Post by: RadicalG(52434)
2006-01-21 12:09:25
Best Comedian: DAL!
Best Fed Mate: Phil for this round, tho I never thought I'd be saying that :P
Best Overall Player: Depends what you define 'best' by. Therefore I nominate Skydive, Exilim, and Gorgon, for different reasons.
Most Improved: Volt, obvious reasons.
Best stradegist: Anyone who can spell 'strategist' :-)
Best Short Runner: I'm inclined to say me since I'm nominated, and for once I believe I actually deserve to win a category. Yay.
Most Active Player: Everyone that isn't me and spends time online while not running. Best I can :/
Outgoing Player Award: Is this for people leaving? If so, Sis gets it. Unless she comes back, in which case I'll be happy and won't care
Post by: Caza(2720)
2006-02-08 20:57:51
Best Comedian: Have no idea..
Best Fed Mate: Kinley/Trip
Best Overall Player: Wish. He was a legend. Trust me...
Most Improved: Haven't been around enough to say..
Best stradegist: Exi
Best Short Runner: Dono
Most Active Player: Dono
Outgoing Player Award: Simstar
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2006-02-08 22:36:19
caza... ur outgoing player award.. man u have no clue how right u are.... *waits for chris to chime in.
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2006-02-09 06:49:49
Best Comedian: OOOOOOOOHHH DAL, BUT THEN... When dal, phill and myself are in chat (and maybe sky) Ive never really had a funnier chat.

Best Fed Mate: Phill, dal, Trip, Wish (only coz wish used to rip dan off quite a bit, ozzie to ozzie)

Best Overall Player: still working on this :)

Most Improved: Volt or Quasar

Best stradegist: mayyyybbbbeeeeeee thug, yeah, thug.....

Best Short Runner: maybe troja, i dont watch to many people doing short runs

Most Active Player:exi i think, maybe phill 2

Post by: Gorgon(27256)
2006-02-09 08:20:49
Best Comedian: Dalv prob
Best Fed Mate: I always enjoyed fedding with Spart and Aladril (since one cant vote for themselves loool)
Best Overall Player: Spart
Most Improved: definitely Quasar
Best strategist: Thug? ROFL HAHAHAHAHAHA ok whatever looool
Best Short Runner: Ges I'd have 2 say Exi since he never does anything else loool
Most Active Player: Little Sister this round
Outgoing Player Award: Voltage is very outgoing :)
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