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Thread: The Penguin Picnic.
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2006-01-20 00:11:01
Penguin Phill waddled out of his iglou and stretched his flippers. Making sure he still held his egg on his feet he waddled over to his grill and lit the coals. He then grabbed a Penguin light from the ground. It was allready cold of course. He took a swig. "Ahh..The Penguin picnic...nothing can possibly go wrong today."

Penguin Dalvian waddled up the sidewalk and waved a flipper at Phill. He carried his famous butter caserole. Behind him was Penguin Spart with his beer battered Krill, Penguin Renegade with something he called ex-wife stew, and Penguin Dealer with a fish pie. Everybody was ready.

As Penguin Phill got the coals nice and hot Skydive parachuted down from the sky. He was all smiles as several barrels of margaritas landed next to him. Maelstom moseyed up next with a crate full of barbequed chinese food. He was escorted by a couple of Rodeo Clowns.

The Penguins and Penguin friends gathered in the snow and drank heavily, laughing about thier vicories and defeats. The coals still burned hot..waithing on the main course.

Just as the Penguins and the Penguin friends got nice and relaxed several small holes appeared in the snow before them. Several gerbils swarmed out of those holes and began drinking all of the drinks and eating all of the butter caserole. Dalvian screamed in shock when he saw little gerbil prints in his beloved butter caserole.

The gerbil Troja, joined in hands with the gerbils Exilim, Thug, and Volt, plus all of their gerbil friends said "Hah!!! You didn't know we were going to bust up your penguin Picnic did You? We are the Winners!!!"

Penguin Phill smiled, picking up a large net. "Didn't know? I was expecting you." He motioned over to the still empty grill, the coals burning hot. "My dear gerbils, what do you think the main course is?"

The Penguins and the Penguin friends cheered. Now the Penguin Picnic could truly begin.
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2006-01-20 00:17:58
Post by: mael(88584)
2006-01-20 06:32:02
Glad to see you're still in fine form Dal ;))
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