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Thread: An interview with Sentires
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-11-20 17:48:56
Wellcome to SC News..Where we distort and you decide. Today I conduct an interview with Esteemed Mr. Sentires who apparently has been requesting one. Let's see what he has to say.

Dalvian: Wellcom Sentires. First off it has come to my attention that Dominion has publicly stated that you run like a girl. He has mentioned a certain skipping quality and the feminine shout of "You Hoo" to other runners. How do you reply to such an accusation?

Sentires: my reply: oh, shut up. why are you a noob telling me how to run?

Dalvian: That seems pretty defencive. How does it make you feel that Dominion is watching you run while you are wearing your pink biker shorts, which are intirely too tight by the way, and your "I love Philldo tank top"?

Sentires(8816) my runs are being critiqued by noobs!

Dalvian: Dominion has even made an appeal that you should not be allowed to run like a girl, dressed in tight pink biker shorts, and saying "You Hoo" to passing runners. What do you say to that?

Sentires(8816) i have rights dammit

Dalvian: Do you think Dominion is violating these rights to run in a feminine manner?

Sentires(8816) i want a lawer

Dalvian: I'm not a member of the court but you do have the right to remain silent.

Sentires(8816) i have the right to remain silent, but lack the ability.

Dalvian: Well, you also have the right to counsel. Would you like me to get you an attorney?

Sentires(8816) i have the right to an attorney, but find them revolting.

Dalvian: Do you have anything else you want to say about your choice of running atire?

Sentires(8816) anything i say will further incriminate me.

Dalvian: We shall move onto another subject than. I had heard that you were demanding that I conduct this interview with you. Is that true.

Sentires(8816) i do find the lack of sentires related forum posts alarming. i have been working hard to make my self avalible for a interview.

Dalvian: I know you have and I'm glad you have been patient. You have to understand that I'm a busy man. It was my week to shave Phill.

Sentires(8816) LOL

Dalvian: If only someone else could shave him for me next time.

Sentires(8816) we will have to "do it" again for you hahaha

Dalvian: That's very nice of you Sentires..wait a minute..why are you fiddling around in my interview tapes?

Sentires(8816) trying to see if the hour conversation i had with myself was still here

Dalvian: Well, that conversation was recorded while you were talking to yourself in the restroom. I thought you were talking to something else. I put that tape in my private collection. I'll go get it for you.

That concludes todays interview. Return tommarow when I enterview Bearded Clams to see what she thinks about Her hubbies "I love Philldo" Tee shirt.

Post by: SkydiveMike(86286)
2005-11-20 21:01:13
LMAO - "I Luv Phildo" t-shirt, priceless stuff
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-11-21 00:03:21
LMAO, YEAH next item for sc will be the i luv philldo t-shirt... that settles it...rofl
Post by: golchasr(44184)
2005-11-21 07:49:16
the only way I can get him to wear his I Love Philldo T-Shirt is to smear it with fresh clam juice everyday :-)
Post by: golchasr(44184)
2005-11-21 07:54:04
currently under development is the new I love my Philldo toy. Pull it's string and you will hear, "put your hands to the sky before I spit in your eye." :-)
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-11-22 12:45:50
loool also the philldo action figure in development. pictures availiable on saturday night.
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