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Thread: The trial of Dalvian (Based on actual chat.)
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-11-18 04:16:42
Dalvian is dragged before the privately owned courtroom and thrown on the floor. His feet and hands are shackled. Before him, sitting on a high horse, is Judge Kai of the Brunned G, self appointed Judiciary system of the SC universe. Dalvian looks for his lawyer but he has not been appointed one. Apparently he will have to defend himself.

"What have I done to deserve this treatment?" says Dalian. "What law have I violated?" Judge Kai speaks in a booming, God-like, voice. "well, maybe thats why u are.......tainted". "I don't understand. What are my charges?" questions the victim of the court. Kai looks to his gaurds. "pile them up...." The gaurds bring out 36 volumes of charges against Dalvian.

The victim looks confused. "All those chareges are against me? I am guilty of some foul crime?" Judge Kai speaks again from his high horse. "indeed, but that is clear to most in here". "It is not clear to me!!" Screamed the innocent scape goat. "What did I do?" Judge Kai seemed angry "Thou shall NOT trash noobs.....not good for the game, rumours spread like cancer about those things"

The door to the privately owned courtroom burst open. It was Skydive, dressed in a suit and carrying a briefcase. He moved next to Dalvian and adressed the court. "Kai of the Brunnen G ...... Thou shall NOT trash noobs ......Kai of the Brunnen G(4206) from federation Non Elite(809) attacked SolarSurfers(18087) from federation Death Dealers(804)" Dalvian was pleased that someone had come to defend him but before his hopes were raised too far Judge Kai's guards grabbed Skydive, shackled him, and threw him next to Dalvian.

Dalvian became defiant. "I'm not scared. My friend Phill said that he would rescue me if I was ever in danger." Judge Kai laughed "If u actually think that anything said by phill is important........well ur lost forever :)" Dalvian became even more defiant. "Which noobs exactly did I trash so that I may defend myself based on the exact circumstances." Judge Kai raised himself on the high horse. " have even got messages from noobs complaining about the "special treatment" they have gotten" He shook his head. " believe you were one of the bullies dalv"

Dalvian spit on the floor of Judge Kai's private courtroom. "Rumors? Rumors make me guilty?" "were u ever", said the Judge. Skydive stood. "Dalvian is not guilty of any crime." An actuall fire seemed to burn beneath Judge Kai's hindqurters. "dalv is many things."

Dalvian pointed at the volumes that the guards had brought in. "Is there any evidence in there or is this whole case built on things people told you? Where is the evidence?"
Kai waved his hands in the air. "oki, dalv.....we both know what went down and some peeps really didnt find that as amusing as u did"

Dalvian managed to stand despite his shackles. "Did I accuse you of a crime the time that you invaded my planet and stole all of my butter?" "did I, sorry about that must have been a long time ago" Dalvian smiled "And what about those rumors that you embezzled minerals and power from your own Federation?" The fire under Judge Kai's rump burned more intensley. "who spread that false rumour???"

Dalvian smile again. "Who do you think spread it." Judge Kai answered. "there are peeps more tainted than u." Judge Kai, tired of the debating turned on a big sign that said GUILTY. Ballons and confeti fell from the cieling.

Dalviain shouted. "I'm gulty? Just like that? That's your trial. You say it is so and that's it? Fine..what is my punnishment". Judge Kai smiled evily "Nice to hear ur tainted body starts to fill with sunshine and flowers" Dalvian was horrified. "You are going to fill my body with sunshine and flowers? You can't do that. It's inhuman."

Judge Kai walked over and kicked Sky in the head. "have to stand up for the oppressed, sorry sky" Than he walked over to Dalvian with his hands full of Sunshine and floweres, a hippie death sentance."

Just as Judge Kai began stuffing Dalvian with flowers the door blew off the hinges and hundreds of armed dilllys stormed into the privately owned courtroom. Phill had arrived to save Dal and Sky.


*All of Judge Kai's and Skydives lines came from the chat. Dalvians lines are fiction. No Dillies were harmed it the makeing of this post.

Post by: Voltage18(145681)
2005-11-18 08:44:49
you have alot of time on your hands, lol glad your entertaining everyone tho.
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