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Thread: Interview with Dominion
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-11-17 12:54:22
Wellcome to another installemt of SC News..where we distort and you decide. Today we have convinced Dominion, top of B.M.F.'s LIST, to be on our show.

Dalvian: Wellcome to my show Dominon. Now, we know you don't exactly get allong with Federation B.M.F. Could it be that you are jealors that we only pay $3 a gallon for our fusion fuel? I hear you pay much more in your region of space.

Dominion(17877) $3 dollars a gallon!? I filled up my car at $199.9 per gallon and I get 3% back from using my AAA credit card at the pump.

Dalvian: That is pretty high but your culture seems strange in many ways. For instance, children of someone known as the Rick do not have to serve in your military?

Dominion(17877) It is not the sons and daughters of the rick entering the military, it is mostly the poor that have few options.

Dalvian: That is very strange. What strange ideas do you think will create a ballance between the war that is waging between the Federations B.M.F. and lol?

Dominion(17877) We need to give control to moderates.

Dalvian: We don't need moderates in control of SC. The great war is too beneficial to our universe. People in B.M.F. love serving in our military. It is a great honor.

Dominion(17877) Most in the military come from low income families!

Dalvian: That's of no consequence. Every citizen if Fed B.M.F., with the exception of the elite 5 families, are low income. I think you are just upset that you are in constant warfare with us due to your status on THE LIST.

Dominion(17877) Spent half the night attacking and now I am making typos left and right. ;-)

Dalvian: Maybe you shoulnd't provoke us. Have you even taken time to figure out what our name stands for?

Dominion(17877) B.M.F. = Butter Mother (Bad word) ;-)

Dalvian: That's just horrid. Why do you think we would use such foul words in our Fed name? You got that from Thug Luv didn't you? He is a traitor and one of B.M.F.'s greatest enemies.

Dominion(17877) And didn't he have some deferred payment with them so he was still on the payroll after he left?!

Dalvian: That's not a payment. That's alimony that the courts forced Phill to pay to Thug.

Dominion(17877) Oh, no that's not a conflict of interest!!!

Dalvian: It was the courts controlled by Renegade that forced the allimony payment as a sort of revenge against Phill. Renegade can be quite the little devil when angred.

Dominion(17877) You keep talking like that and I might start liking you! ;-)

Dalvian: OH, I see you have met Mr. Renegade. Do you have any advice for him?

Dominion(17877) Renagade24 said, "OL, sky is weak, lol.. come on sky I got no ap think you can take me now, lol". Carefull, you don't want to be added to their hit list. ;-)

Dalvian: That is very good advice. Nobody wants to be added to the list. It is a very bad place. You should take Renegade under your wing and show him how to survive in SC. What do you think?

Dominion(17877) Where just noobs learning the game but we're improving each round.

Dalvian: Very well stated. Just noobs learning the game. It's been good talking to you Dominion. Check in for our next episode when we talk to Thug and find out how he is spending Phill's allimony check.
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-11-17 20:38:42
SO, let me get this straight.. i impregnated or married thug ???? roflmao
Post by: Voltage18(145681)
2005-11-23 08:06:13
199.9 $ a gallon?!
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-11-23 11:02:43
cheap at twice the price....... gas was too
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