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Thread: Followup interview with Solorsurfers
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-11-14 06:01:34
Wellcome to SC News..where we distort and you decide. Today I do something I rarely do. I will give Solorsurfers a chance to respond to my last interview. He has seemed rather upset with how I portrayed him in the last one.

Wait, I think I heard him slam the door....

SolarSurfers(18087) DALVIAN..... WHERE ART THOUGH DALVIAN .....

Dalvian: No need to yell Mr. Newbie pants, I'm right here. The tape is rolling.

SolarSurfers(18087) DALVIAN.... Though shalt not pervey old wise lies in Forum amongst us bold ones from Sherwood Forest !

Dalvian: I'm not sure where Sherwood Forest applies but I assure you that I have told no lies. I have posted your own words. I did not alter them in any way.

SolarSurfers(18087) DALVIAN Prepare to meet they tomb !

Dalvian: Put down the squirt gun your mommy gave you. I assure you that I am immune to it's ammunition. You do not want to tangle with someone supperior to yourself.

SolarSurfers(18087) Which is you ?

Dalvian: That's right. I have the strength of Zeus and the wisdom of Athena.

SolarSurfers(18087) So your bi-sexual then !

Dalvian: You are not making any sence Solar boy. Tell me, what weapon can you possibly have that can hurt me?

SolarSurfers(18087) Dreammasterc has this thing called a Rampant rabbit. Im told it eats lettuse !

Dalvian: Look, I don't care if his rabbit eats carrots. I'm not scared of a rabbit. I'm deffinately not scared of you wielding a rabbit.

SolarSurfers(18087) Carrots which take batteries , eh ...

Dalvian: A battery powered carrot? What are you talking about. I am the master here...

SolarSurfers(18087) As master of your dreams whats been ya best one !

Dalvian: Well, I have this one about Janet Reno and Richard Nixon with a whole bunch of butter. Wait, what do my dreams have to do with any thing?

SolarSurfers(18087) funny how we get back to the bi-sexual undertones

Dalvian: Hey, we all have the Janet Reno, Richard Nixon, butter dream. Now to the point. Do you have anything usefull to say?

SolarSurfers(18087) heh... what a name for a rock band "Dalvian and the Bi-Sexual Undertones"

Dalvian: Why do you keep bringing up Bi-sexualality? You want to kiss me don't you?

SolarSurfers(18087) not in front of everyone else

Dalvian: Get that crazy look out of your eyes and put your shirt back on...That's it for SC News today. I have to end this show before Solar takes anything else off and gets me cancelled.
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