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Thread: Interview with Little Sister
Post by: SkydiveMike(86286)
2005-11-12 00:04:25
Welcome to SC News … where we distort and you decide. Today we interview SC's own Little Sister.

Skydive: Welcome to SC new, Sis – so how have you been?

Little Sister(7507): its been 32 days since my last "click"- I feel good

Skydive: 32 days, what finally brings you back?

Little Sister(7507): oh my- an SC Reunion =)

Skydive: A reunion, huh, are you sure that’s what it is? You’re not tricking us are you?

Little Sister(7507): i cant get into keno LOL

Skydive: Keno? We’ve thought you were gone for a while because you were getting a new Queenly robe made, of wonderful cloth that is exceptionally beautiful and made of a material which possesses the wonderful quality of being invisible to any empire who was unfit for the game or unpardonably stupid?

Little Sister(7507): all the mens jaw's will drop... and the Queen will rise again ;)

Skydive: Tell us more about this special cloth.

Little Sister(7507): dont tell- its margarine

Skydive: Margarine, huh, sounds like good slippery fun.

Little Sister(7507): all the good times on the SC slip n slide

Skydive: Ahh, yes, the Slip N Slide, rumor has it that Phil, Spart, and myself have stolen all of Dalvian’s butter for the slide – can you comment on this?

Little Sister(7507): Im sorry- some jerkoff thinks its ok to spread BS rumors.... I really thought better of you guys

Skydive: Us guys? Whom are you referring to?

Little Sister(7507): man- theres 12 peeps on page 1 that shouldnt be there

Skydive: Hmm, I’m on page one, just what are you trying to say?

Little Sister(7507): lmao Sky- youre 1st on the arse kickin list

Skydive: I am, huh? – so you are calling me out right here in the interview room?

Little Sister(7507): I am not- Im just bored

Skyvide: that didn’t sound very convincing

Little Sister(7507): Im goin in- brb

Skydive: Ok, I am waiting for my arse kickin

Little Sister(7507): lmao- xp= 0

Skydive: I am still waiting

Little Sister(7507): lmao- nooo way- "Just say no"

Skydive: Ok, since you are not able to kick my arse; let’s get back to the topic of the day: Rumors. Rumor has it that you’ve checked yourself into the Betty Ford clinic for some undisclosed addiction, can you comment?

Little Sister(7507): its been 32 days since my last "click"- I feel good

Skydive: So you admit to being addicted to SC and requiring treatment for it?

Little Sister(7507): i really dont wanna start SC again- Im better off without

Skydive: I’ll bet that you are clicking and playing SC right now

Little Sister(7507): lmao Sky hush- you'll know when i start mining

Skydive: I will, will I – it still seems like you are still calling me out

Little Sister(7507): 2 more weeks- ill come back

Skydive: Sweet

Little Sister(7507): sweeet - NOT

Skydive: Whatever then, since yer skeered we’ll go back to the topic of the day: rumors – do you really think it’s just a rumor that Phil, Spart, and I are using Dalvian’s butter for the slip and slide?

Little Sister(7507): Lol Sky- stop it!!!

Skydive: Ok, back to your Queenly Robes then, when can we expect to see them?

Little Sister(7507): apparently theres pics floatin around the www of it

(Fifeteen minutes pass)

Little Sister(7507): I think i may be getting bored- but i think i can make it another 2-4 weeks without a twitch getting the better of me

Skydive: Oops, please, forgive me I was searching the www.

Little Sister(7507): lol - dont apologize to me- dont care what you do in your spare time

Skydive: A twitch huh, what exactly does that mean?

Little Sister(7507): oh gawd exi

Skydive: Exi, what does he have to do with anything?

Little Sister(7507): lmao- thats where the list starts

Skydive: The List; Dalvian warned me about the list he says that the Doctor’s and the Government have lists and they are going to abduct us and deny us access to salted meat products and butter – what do you know about this list?

Little Sister(7507): lol- just dont listen to the rumors

Skydive: now you are confusing me, is there a list or is it just a rumor?

Little Sister(7507): hahaaa- thats the kinda stuff i miss

Skydive: now you are really starting to upset me, do you miss the list, the rumors, the butter, or something else that you’ve not mentioned yet?

Little Sister(7507):If i get all worked up- the butter will melt.......

Skydive: no one said anything about getting all worked up; we all remember what happened the last time you got all worked up.

Little Sister(7507): too humiliated to ever drive down mainstreeet again

Skydive: yes, yes, we know …

Little Sister(7507): I'll never live it down

Skydive: Hey now! No need to interrupt

Little Sister(7507): hahaa

Skydive: that’s it, if you can’t behave yourself this interview is over

Little Sister(7507): sweet dreams you guys- see ya in a few wks

Skydive: back to the threats, huh – now I am adding you to “my” list

Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-11-12 00:09:56
Wonderfull job sky. I'm Jealous.
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-11-12 02:35:42
Post by: lexxx(11816)
2005-11-14 06:37:01
Aha, nice to hear ya "voice" you Queen of da Universe! When ur back give those f**kers all that they deserve.
Show me the list and I will pick one or two names from it and I will see what I can do.... :)
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