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Thread: Interview with Los Hobos
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-11-11 12:39:10
Wellcome to SC News..where we distort and you decide. It has come to my knowledge that the esteemed Los Hobos has been begging for an interview. Since I aim to please..here is said interview.

Dalvian: Wellcome to SC New Mr. Hobos. I hope you are comfortable. Mr. Hobos before we get started I do ask that you stop playing with my anatomically correct PHILLDODILLDO doll.

LosHobos(17114) Lol. Zing. Yes, we're big fans of the Twig and berries *sigh*

Dalvian: Did you want to say something to the PHILLDODILLDO doll before you put it down?

LosHobos(17114) Prepare to be trashed like the tube socks scattered around your room. ;)

Dalvian: Seriously, we need to get to the interview. Many players want to know how to scavenge. How do you pick your targets so efficiently.

LosHobos(17114) Read the Empire list, and look for people who's Last change time is relatively close to this message... either they were hit recently, or they're online.

Dalvian: You must get a lot of mins by scavenging. What do you do with the ones you don't want? Do you have a favorite trashpile?

LosHobos(17114) New Brunswick (Canada).

Dalvian: That sounds like a pretty good dumping ground to me. What about those bandits you keep sending to Phill's house? He tells me you have Four horsemen friends that keep trashing his yard.

LosHobos(17114) I never saw the Four Horseman... ;)

Dalvian: Wasn't it four horsemen that dropped you off at the studio today?

LosHobos(17114) Wrong Horsemen. ;) hehe

Dalvian: I do have the police report right here. It says strangly dressed figures were seen trashing Phill's yard. What do you have to say about that?

LosHobos(17114) Might've just been phil running around with a broomstick and a cape again...

Dalvian: Well, it also says that the strange figures relieved themselves on his lawn after they trashed it.

LosHobos(17114) Afterwards? You mean "DURING

Dalian: See. I think you know more than you are saying. Here is another matter. What do you have to say about the amount your fed charges for letting people join. I was going to apply but the prices are astronomical.

LosHobos(17114) You mean an arm, a leg, and yer nads? Yeah... way too high a price. I could've gotten ya a discounted fee for like, maybe... 2.95?

Dalvian: It's not just the money. They wanted me to play some wierd game in front of video cameras.

LosHobos(17114) Punchin the Munchkin?

Dalvian: That's it. It seemed like kind of a messy game if you ask me.

LosHobos(17114) True. And tis enjoyable.

Dalvian: You should really think about changing leadership in that Fed of yours. They seem a little out of touch.

LosHobos(17114) Who pays those idiots. ;) hehe

Dalvian: Who pays them indeed. Well, that is all the time I have for today. See us nextime when we try to interview Hillbilly, Achilles, and Warlords at the same time. I never can seem to get them all to show up at the same time.

Post by: LosHobos(128600)
2005-11-11 12:42:37
You've outdone yourself.

Well done.

(and that's the APPLAUSE, not the disease you tend to catch from most notorites ;) hehe)
Post by: LosHobos(128600)
2005-11-11 12:49:51
Stupid double post. ;)
Well done, Again.
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-11-11 16:00:52
R. O. F. L. M. A. O.

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