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Thread: not as good as dalvs... but a interview with hillbilly.
Post by: jddegraff(43958)
2005-11-07 13:59:54
THE WHOLE TRUTH, and nuthin but the truth. Maybe. You tell me, because after an hour or so chatting with him, I am too confused to tell

Good evening, we are here toinght with Hillbilly, the Multi of all multis.

Sentires: Its been said you were cloned from "Bagdad Bob", the former Iraqi "Information Officer", Any truth to this?

Hillbilly(18062): fools all of you..hail mahommad

Sentires: Sounds like you’ve picked you side. People in the game say you are losing your touch. Any comment on this?

Hillbilly(18062): the longer we are there ..the more will die there and here

Sentires: Right. On a different subject, you’ve changed your name, what 8 or 9 times now. Any comments?

Hillbilly(18062) you need to learn more about your war before you try and battle me in here

Sentires: One of several frequent question that gets asked, is why you don’t have any fed mates?

Hillbilly(18062): poor US

Sentires: I know. But couldn’t you at least take a few new players and teach them and have some support?

Hillbilly(18062):We dont have the right to bully other nations..they have their ways we have ours

Sentires: Your medical folder shows you have been cloned several times. Any side affects?

Hillbilly(18062): meow

Sentires: Well now, I’d say that was a yes. What about the feud between you and Mon Cals? He is a really nice guy you know….

Hillbilly(18062): youll be running and screamin like a lil ole biatch moncals

Sentires: We wont have any talk like that on this show….

Hillbilly(18062): kill the evil ones

Hillbilly(18062): muahahahahahahahaha

Sentires: Guards… he’s losing it! Someone help!


Sentires: Well that’s all for today folks… Hillbilly, don’t bite!

Hillbilly(18062): weeee
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-11-07 21:18:39
That's pretty good. I laughed so hard someone complained that I had a howler monkey in my apartment.
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