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Forum: SC General
Thread: Interview with Skydive
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-11-07 06:38:46
Wellcome to SC news..where we distort and you decide. Today I bring you a short interview with Skydive. I wish it could be longer but has an appointment in Phill's Dillly factory and can't stay long.

Dalvian: Welcome Skydive. You seem in a rather good mood today. Would you mind sharing the reason with us?

Skydive(13583) wheeee, went to bed at the right time last night to miss billy's silly rants

Dalvian: Did you just say Weeeee? I would expect better from you.

Skydive(13583) it's spelled wheeee, with a "h" you redneck hillbilly illiterate fool :-)

Dalvian: Look, I'll not be insulted by you. Now say something nice or I'll end this interview right now.

Skydive(13583) purrrrr

Dalvian: That's better. Now say something intelligent.

Skydive(13583) baaaa

Dalvian: Look mister, don't make me put you on THE LIST.

Skydive(13583) oooo, me me on the list - lol

Dalvian: Now cut this out sir. Is there any way I can coax you into behaving so we can have a serious interview?

Skydive(13583) lol "coaxing" - let me guess, it involves dillys

Dalvian: That's it. This interview is over. I'm leaving.

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