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Thread: A History of Space Conquest
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-10-28 01:22:07
I have not been here since the begining but I am fascinated with the history of our little universe. I have sifted through the victory archives and game updates and tried to piece together some semblance of a history.

This will be done in installments on this thread.
Feel free to correct me.
Enjoy our History.
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-10-28 01:39:27

In the days long before our memories the Universe we know now was much different. In these days before the great being put limits on our warfare the universe was a chaotic place.

Federations could store more than the 10k we are now limited to. Enemy admirals could choose to attack Harvesters instead of your HomeWorld. Federation fleets were indestructable and efected galactic economics (score) different than they do now. The Galactic Communications Net (The Chat) had not been created. Federation members could attack others in their Federation at will. Torpedoes were only half the strength we are used to now. Harvesters did not have mass replicators and could be destroyed. There were no attack restrictions (AP Cost) other than distance. Empires could leave and join Federations without restriction. Eras were recorded different (30 day rounds).
This was a different universe than you and I know now.

Into this chaos the Ancients struggled for power. This is what our limited historical data tells us.

In the Third Era Asgard led a now forgotten federation to victory.

The Fourth Era saw the rise of an empire known as White Lighting. He was forced to share power with a federation known as The Dutch Alliance.

In the Fifth Era the Zerg Sworm, under leadership of The Queen of Blades, drove out the Dutch Alliance.

The Zerg were defeated in the Sixth Era by Federation Ascension, under leadership of the rayol king of imperialism.

Asgard rose to power once again in the Seventh era. He stood at the head of Federation Ygdrasil. This era also saw the emergance(onto page 1) of a young warlord named Simstar.

Ascension took power again in the Eighth era under guidance of Hive Tyrant.

In the Ninth Era, the last Era of the Ancient times, Ascension remained in power. Hive Tyrant had been replaced by an emperor named delta quad.
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-10-28 03:04:22

The Ancients had led the universe into chaos, and indeed, allmost to destruction. As the factions of the Ascension Federation prepared one last battle in their civil war The Great Moderator, an ancient being, revealed himself and ended space travel.

When the empires once again reached the space age The Great Moderator was there to guide them. With omnipetent power he willed his commandments into action. Federation banks would now hold no more that 10k minerals or 10k power. Fleets could no longer attack a planets Harvester Fleet. All attacks would have to be against the enemy homeworld. Fed fleets would now be destructible and would bear greatly on interstellar economics(score).

As the empires stepped into the Space age in the 10th century peace ended allmost imediately. War was upon the universe once again.

The 10th Century ended with a federation known as Zergers in control of the galaxy. Woodford stood as their emperor. The constant fighting had revealed two new warlords(into page 1). Thug Luv and Wish would remain important figures for centuries to come.

As the 10th century came to a close a new invention changed the galaxy. The Interstellar Communications Net(Chat) allowed instantaneous communications.

The Great Moderator had frowned upon the constant civil wars that broke out between federation members. He forced all empires to sign the Treaty of 999. It signified that Federation members would not be able to attack one another.

The Zergers were defeated in the 11th century and a new order was formed by Wolverine, who many thought was The Great Moderator himself. He was backed by the Fame Federation. Under the new order a new warlord rose to prominence(page 1). His name was knowledge.

The Fame Federation used a new invention that changed galactic economics and was soon in use by every empire. Salvage robots deployed from the mother ship would loot a great deal of minerals and power from defeated homeworlds and fleets.

Wolverine and the Fame Federation stayed in power through the 12th century. Three new warlords came to light(page 1) trying to eliminate Wolverine. They were Omen, Trick, and Valinor.

The stability brough by the Fame Federation had ushered in new technologies that would change the galaxy forever. New Anti-matter Torpedoes proved to be twice as powerfull as old nuclear tipped models. Mass replicators made Harvesters indestructible. The greatest inventions was a new transporter that folded space. Instantaneous travel was now possible.

The Great Moderator forsaw the chaos this new drive could cause and forced the signing of the Treaty of 1150. The treaty limited attacks on enemy homeworlds base upon economic strenght(Score). He hoped to protect the weaker worlds from being destroyed.

(Rounds were reduced to 15 days)

(Feds had to wait 5 days after leaving a fed to join a new one)

The 13th Century saw the fall of the Fame Federation at the hands of a federation that has remained a strong force to this day. Federation Notorious, under Wish, had won it's first victory.

Notorious was not popular among the other empires and lost a galaxy wide civil war.Wish had lost favor in Notorious and formed Federation Wisdom in the 14th Century. The civil war revealed what would be three important firgures(to page 1). They were Kai of the Brunnen G, Warlords, and Zeon. It would later be revealed that Zeon and Warlords were clones of one of the ancient ones, a warlord named Devastation.

Wish turned on Federation Wisdom in the 15th Century and led Notorious to another Victory, and putting it back in power. During the civil war The ancient warlord Devastation revealed himself (to page 1)

Notorious stayed in power during the 16th century but leadership had changed when Trick took power from Wish.

The 17th Century saw the emergence of Spartapus, a warlord who was able to lead his federation xtreme to a vicory against Notorious. During the war a young PHILLDODILLDO showed great promise (entered page 1)

The reign of Spartapus was short lived. In the 18th century Wisdom was reborn under the leadership of Kai of the Brunnen G. He crushed Spartapus' forces and siezed control of the galaxy. Four new warlord emerged during the wars(onto page 1). Three of them were Kubala, Kinley, and Opacus Mortu. The Fourth was another clone of the ancient Devastation. His name was Boomhower.

Spartapus, wanting his throne back, agreed to take charge of Notorious. He led a charge against Kai in the 19th Century and was victorious. Two of the greates warriors in this century were the cousins Exilim and Troja.(appeared on page 1)

Notorious remained in power during the 20th century but Spartapus did not. He was replaced by the old leader, Wish, once power was secured. Another warlord earned recognition. Her name was Buzlityear. (entered page 1)

The end of the Age of The Great Moderator saw Notorious in control of the Galaxy. Other ages would continue to show the struggle of Notorious, often considered evil, against the other brave factions of the Galaxy.

Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-10-28 04:15:09

The Great Moderator had left the warring empires to themselves. Many factions were forming now and many warlords were becoming prominent figures in the galaxy.

Notorious had lost power in the 21st century due to another revolt. Kai of the Brunnen G led a Federation called da Wordkeepers against them and won.

Kai was unable to hold the territory he had taken, leaving a vaccum that was filled in the 22nd Century. Exilim led his Hamster federation against Kai and siezed the trone. Three new warriors gained recognition(on page 1). They were Aladril, Little Sister, and Moncals.

In the 23rd Century Kinley led Notorious to another rise to power. Exilim was deposed and exiled into deep space. During the war another one of the ancient Devastation's clones was created. His name was lastbattalion and he was stealthier than most clones.

Notorious retained it's power during the 24th Century but a power struggle removed Kinley and left Spartapus in control. During the Notorious reign a warrior named Gorgon gained much recognition(on page 1). This century also saw the emergence of two strong, yet minor, factions. Freedoms Hope was a group of rebels hoping to bring down Notorious. Meanwhile PHILLDODILLDO had created a faction known as the Dillys. Nobody knew what their true purpose was but they seemed fascinated with Dillies.

The Clones of the Ancient Devastation had been hunted to extinction during this reign of Notorious, as had Devastation himself. Notorious did not know that they had missed one.

Freedom's Hope and the Dillys caused just enough disruption in Notorious to bring down their fall at the hands of Troja. Leading the Battlestar Gallactica in the 26th century he used the distraction of the minor factions to defeat the Notorites. A young dilly named Scraps gained fame(page 1) during the rebellion.

Battlestar Galactica, now under the guidance of Aladril, remained in control during the 27th century. The fight against Notorious, still a minor faction, continued. Two young rebels made their mark during these battles. Their names were Shadow Knight and Dalvian. Dalvian was rumored to be a lost clone of the ancient Devastation.

Exilim fought his way out of exile in the 29th century and led a group of warriors known as Free Time against the rising Notorious faction. Freedoms Hope and the Dillies also fought against their enemy. In the end Exilim was crowned emperor of the Galaxy but had to share power with the Notorious Federation. Three new warriors made headlines (page 1) during the war. Two of them were husband and wife dillys, Sentires and his bride The Bearded Clams, who supported Phill. Another was a young pilot named Libertas.

Notorious enforced the treaty of 2825 to enforce their power. It put severe limits on when one could leave a federation and put restrictions on donations to federation banks.

The 30th Century marked the end of the age with a wave of treason. Spartapus left Notorious and took with him some of the Dillys. He led the attack of the Bearded Dilly Traitors against his old mates and secured victory. PHILLDODILLDO continued to lead the Dillys but the traitors had hurt him. Luckily a young Dilly named renagade volunteered to join him(on page 1.)

Post by: Little Sister(34495)
2005-10-28 05:25:44
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