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Thread: Another Interview with Phill.
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-10-04 02:57:16
Wellcome back to SC news, where we distort and you decide. Today we bring back our old frind Phill to the center chair for a discussion about his return from retirement.

Dalvian: So, what happened to your retirement Phill? I thought you had said Thug could handle everything in your absence.

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) yeah he failed my mission already

Dalvian: What in this universe made you think he could fill your shoes in the first place?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) aussie power !

Dalvian: Well, there really is no replacing you Phill.

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) you know it

Dalvian: Now that you and Notorious are back why haven't you guys been dominating the SC Universe?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) this just our retirement games.

Dalvian: What about your cat, Phill? Does he want to say anything in this interview?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) meow everyone.

Dalvian: Phill, you are not the only one to return from retirement. What do you have to say about Exilim?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) such a brave lil gerbil

Dalvian: Now that Notorious has reunited do you guys plan on celebrating anywhere special?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) u talking bout sis's landing strip dude...

Dalvian: Geez Phill, that is the famed Little Sister you are talking about. She is a close friend of mine you know.

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) oh god.. i could twist that

Dalvian: Ok. Let's end this talk about Sis right now.

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) i think that ending involves a pearl necklace

Dalvian: I said let's end it.

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) no i don wanna!

Dalvian: Sky is a friend of Sis. Aren't you afraid he might get angry at you?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) no he think he a monkey

Dalvian: What would make you think Sky is a monkey?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) he swings from my hanging lamp thou

Dalvian: We all do that. What do you think he will do when he reads what you said about Sis?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) he gonna play with his breadstick

Dalvian: You look a little parched Phill. Can I offer you anything to drink?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) mmmm pork soda! dal u stock that?

Dalvian: Sure, here is your pork soda.


Dalvian: That is good stuff. Do you remember when Pork Soda was banned from the SC universe?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) alot of people quit cuz of it.

Dalvian: Now that you have your pork soda I have a question for you. Can you think of a way to have more terrific players like yourself?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) cloning was what i was thinking...

Dalvian: That might not work in the real world.

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) there is no such thing as the real world

Dalvian: Unfortunately there is. We all have to work. Did you ever get that job massaging animals?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) but sigh... working on horses from sun up to sunset sounds painfull

Dalvian: You should just write a book. I here you are working on a novel now.

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) and a pennysaver, and a grocery store ad, hmm and i tend to read the back of shampoo bottles as well

Dalvian: There are many writers in SC. Who do you think the best is?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) me me me

Dalvian: Well, with that I think we will end this interview. What do you say we go to the restaraunt at the end of the universe and see if we can pick up some really dumb chicks?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) yay much fun

Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-10-04 03:07:44
Post by: Kubala(25078)
2005-10-06 09:31:05
I feel that somehow, I know Phil a little better now.
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