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Thread: The Gospel of Phildo
Post by: WOSHUSHI(39693)
2005-09-24 06:32:35
The Gospel of Phildo Christ: part one

Harken to these words and learn of that which written in the stars and planets with creamy goodness and much sugar. Pay heed all who would seek wisdom, for here is the gospel of the great and powerful master of the sacred rod of masculinity that supports all that is good in civilization. Here is the gospel of Phildo Christ.

And so it did come to pas that the Chosen One did reach the age of one half score and three years and there rose within him a power with a sense of purpose. Awakened by his rising power the Chosen One did seek out the side of his father. And at the side of his father the Chosen One did start on the path of knowledge and began the march towards his sacred destiny when he spoke.
“Father,” Spoke he who would be the master of the sacred rod. “I have need to learn all that there is to being a man.” And lo! The father of the Chosen One did lay his hand in benediction upon the head of his son and did offer forth the sum of his wisdom. He did pass forth all of the knowledge he possessed of being a man. Which took all of three minutes because he really didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.
And the Chosen One, upon seeing that his father was full of B.S. and thoroughly clueless did leave his side in quest of True Knowledge. And so the Chosen one did seek out the things that make man great. He did enter unto a place that few men are accepted and took hold of that which emboldened many men, but if used unwisely could be their doom. With this the Chosen One did seek to find his way to true man-ship. With his prize he did go forth to begin the rights of manhood, before he got caught in the kitchen stealing his old man’s beer.
The Chosen One did set out into the wilderness beyond the ken of those that would restrain his greatness. In his wanderings through the park he did come across a sorrowful woman of comely features and nubile of body who huddled in a concealed place. The Chosen One did enter into that place and the woman who did bemoan the pain of her heart did not know of the greatness that had come beside her. She was at that time but eight seasons more aged then the Chosen One but felt torn between bitterness of the hard aged and the vulnerability of the maidenly new.
And the Chosen One did hear her cries and her sorrows and did offer out unto her the blessing that would ease her pain. And gratefully did she accept this blessing from the hand of the Chosen One and shared the beer. When time had passed and her pain felt a distant an aimless thing the woman did wish to thank the Chosen One and did kneel with her head down to offer her token on gratitude. While still young of flesh she was of low virtue and well practiced. Her offering to the Chosen One was well made. But he was not satisfied and spoke of her lack of conviction and dedication
“Woman,” Spoke the Chosen One with a voice of commanding presence. “Your actions are pleasing unto me, but I want more from you then just lip service. For if you truly want the benefits of my blessings you must give fully of your self. For I know that words are cheep without action. If you would receive the depth of my blessings and protection you must give of yourself.” And hearing the words of the Chosen One she did lay herself, as she was born, upon the ground in submission and sacrifice.
And so the Chosen One did accept the first true offering. He did into her very life thrust his weapon, accepting her flesh as worthy sacrifice in return for his blessings. And it was good. And so with the heated flesh of she who was his first did the Chosen One christen his Sacred Rod. And as the day of the First Time did end the Chosen One did emerge from the wilderness with his First One following submissively. For in the fires and waters upon the earth and beneath the sky did the Chosen One gain in wholeness understanding of his destiny. By the power of the sacred rod the Chosen One had been made anew. He strode now among common men as Phildo Christ.
Post by: Little Sister(34495)
2005-09-24 10:28:49
Yep, "words are cheap" kinda like Phil ;)
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-09-24 10:32:20
hey im free not cheap!
Post by: mael(88584)
2005-09-26 23:33:15
Remind me not to stand too close to you in a thunder storm....or a feminist rally...or gospel revival.
Post by: WOSHUSHI(39693)
2005-09-29 13:42:53
The First One did come often to the dais of the Phildo Christ. She did cast off the conventions that shrouded her and knelt before he who was and is her master until the end of days. She did kneel and did perform lip service until Phildo Christ deemed her worthy, and at his command she did place herself in to the place of submission. The First One did cry out in eager begging for the Phildo Christ to bless her flesh with his majestic staff.
Then came the day that his power did rise up within himself and the Phildo Christ did know that he must touch more of the world. He did then speak to his First one.
“Woman,” His voice was vibrant and strong. “You have been blessed by our hand and our rod for you have offered all that you have. Now it is time for you fulfill your greater duty. For if you wish to kneel in our shadow you must gather that which will draw forth our blessings. Go then, you who know the pleasure of service to thine lord and master Phildo Christ. Go forth and return with offerings that are worthy of the sacred rod. To earn our sacred blessing you need only find two who will serve as you have.”
And so it was that the First one did go out, filled with desire for her great master and the need to obey. The First One went to where she knew there would be two women that should be honored to kneel in submission. She did go into the place of her home and did return to her master the Phildo Christ two offerings. And she did come into his presence and did bow bow down and raised her voice.
“Oh he who is my master until the end of days I have brought unto you two who will serve.” For she did bring before the Phildo Christ her mother and her little sister. The mother was strong of limb and ample of breast and hip. She did see how the Phildo Christ did so dominate her eldest daughter as a true master, and his power did create a longing within her own body. She did cast off her shrouds and invited the Phildo Christ to her breast. And so it was that she knelt in submission and received the blessings of the sacred rod of Phildo Christ, first with lip service and loving breast, then with all of her flesh. She was willing and practiced and her body was accepting of his deepest attentions, and it was good.
The sister watched the submission of her mother and felt a longing to belong the master of the sacred rod. She came to him but with hesitation. She was unsure if this was right. Phildo Christ did reach out and took hold of her hair.
“Kneel before me for I am the master and it is your place to submit.” And it was by strength of his will that she did go to her knees. And so the little sister did learn to obey and to submit. And in submission to her master did she learn pleasure. And the two women that had been brought to the Phildo Christ did accept him as their master until the end of days. The mother did cast off her husband for he did treat her as an equal and she did now know this for wrong. And the little sister did learn from example and experience that her place was in submission. And the mother did then speak.
“Oh master Phildo Christ,” She cried in ecstasy from his blessings. “I cast out he who was my husband. Come please into my home and make it your own and take we three as your servants and property for as long as we give thee pleasure.” And so the Phildo Christ did accept the offer and did make it unto his first temple and holy place.
The master of the Sacred Rod did look over the place he had taken and made his own with three women in dutiful submission and smiled for it was good to be the Phildo Christ.
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-09-29 17:44:52
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