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Forum: SC General
Thread: Dalvian enterprises Products
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-09-17 04:46:42
Dalvian enterprises is happy to realease our newest line of SC action figures.

1. Troja and Exilim, wonder Cousins. (Dressed in tights, capes, and masks these super heroes are outfitted to overcome any odds. The Exilim figure never needs batteries and is allways active)
2.The Achilles and friends playset. (Complete with the balanced Achilles, the vengefull Warlords, the sneaky Whisper, and the arrogant Boomhower.)
3. Philldodilldo figure with complete assortment of P-Dilly attatchments (Do not set near newer figures or it will attack them.)
4. Little Sister in hunting outfit. (Comes complete with rifle, bazooka, machine gun, 10 hound dogs, a pick up truck, and an elk.)
5. Skydive Parachute figure on a stick. (We don't know why we put him on a stick.)
6. Dealer Confederate with slappeing action. When put on a bottom rung of the SC ladder playset the Dealer figure will climb up and slap whoever is on top.)..SC ladder playset sold seperately.
7. Spartapus in full battle armor with victory medals on chest. (Does not actually stand up due to victory medals on the chest.)
8. Dalvian action figure playset. (Comes with Phill statue, a tub of butter, a straight jacket, a pointed stick, The "list", and a Wizard outfit)
9. AAAAAHHHH Action figure (Runs screaming when placed next to any other SC action figure)
10. Thug Luv (Comes with 3 audio messages..A. Something I don't understand. B. Something I don't understand C. Something I don't understand.)
11. Kai of the Brunned G playset. (Comes with a free box of crayons.)
12. Renegade24. (A perfectly fine action figure but don't place anywere near the Philldodilldo figure or you will have to buy a new one.)
13. Neuros (Place any other SC figure on it's back and the Neuros figure will walk over and kick them.)
14. Omen figure with down slapping action. (Will automaticaly hit any figure smaller than itself.)
15. The Bearded Clams (Must be 18 years old to take this figure out of the box.)
16. Claymore (Comes with Kilt and a really big sword.)
Post by: SkydiveMike(86286)
2005-09-17 05:21:42
The skydive parachute action figure is on a stick becuause it is eaiser to insert into *must be 18 yrs old to read these instruction*. But it does involve at least one other Dalvaian Enterprises toy.
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-09-17 08:59:28
oh man thats some funny crap
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