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Forum: SfP Newbies
Thread: How do we get Action Points back?
Post by: DiesAlot(112982)
2005-07-10 04:09:32
and could someone point me towards some maps? (haven't founb how to pm people yet)
Post by: heretixx(112016)
2005-07-10 19:39:34
im a noob at this game too so i cant help ya with the AP question but check the player pages for maps, i cant remember which one it was but one had a excel woprksheet with loads of info on it ( towns , info on wat they buy and sell there , entrances, routes ect) as well as the terrain ect
Post by: darkstarrising(101252)
2005-07-12 17:15:04
Regaining AP is done over time at a rate of 20 per hour for non-donators. Also, you can click the "bonus AP (voting)" option, and get 50 AP per vote.
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