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Thread: The Eidolons Journal.
Post by: keshian(412119)
2009-09-10 05:07:30

Today we left South Mountain and headed north. We had heard rumours of a Kobold lair in this area. After a bit of searching we found it.

Upon entering we immediately found 5 Kobold guards. This was it, our first encounter. It didn't go well...

Our point man was barely alive. (3hp) I immediately go to work healing him to the best of my abilities. After we had all had a rest we decided to try and run away if we get to damaged (Flee from 70% to 85%). Then we attacked again. This time we were succesful. The Kobolds were sent packing. Here was our first great surprise. They left behind a pile of loot. Some other adventurer had fallen foul of these beasts. Among the loot was a new 2-H Battle Axe. Our point man (Raven) Demanded this weapon. We don't regret this.

After what seemed like days we emerged from the dungeon. 93 Kobold ears (1 of which was a chiefs) told a tale alone. Our equipment had improved and to cap it all off, We were welcomed into Deadly Forces HQ.

I hope many days will be like this.
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