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Thread: What is it ?
Post by: Herbies Adventurers(142755)
2005-11-22 23:33:54
Okay, my party just fought two ogres (guess they didn't like the look of them) and gained a cloak, the problem now is I can't use it until it has been identified, so how do I get it identified, all answers greatly appreciated.
Post by: steve3(117136)
2005-11-24 00:51:10
many answers, ask an experienced party to identify it (generally for a price) like ducks in forest lake, he'll identify for 100gp i think..in the tower of flogiston for 200gp, get a wand of identify (although iv never seen one) or get a scroll of identify and have one of your magi learn it! have fun ;-)
Post by: Herbies Adventurers(142755)
2005-11-25 20:42:08
Okay I'll try and get to Forest Lake if I can, and see if Duck's is there.

Okay I'm in Wild Shark, do you have any idea how I get to Forest Lake.

Even if you can only tell me the grid reference of it, that would be great.

Also could you give me the grid references of the two easiest dungeons.
Post by: steve3(117136)
2005-12-02 01:48:21
k, the best thing to do is to check out player pages for this kinda stuff, but neways..

forest lake is at (15,23)

as for dungeons...
kobold cave is at (14,9) near south mountain and
goblin hill is at (17,23) near forest lake

i think all those coords are right....good luck!

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