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Thread: Is it just me?...
Post by: Bloody Harry(95219)
2005-05-11 08:54:41
Now, I'm FAR from a mega hardcore RPGer so this idea might be answered entirely with that note, but I find simpler, smaller, less emersive games to be funner! Like, I like PLIT so much 'cause games like GangWars and VOW don't require you to emerse yourself into into the game; they're just fun games to play on your lunch-break or when you're bored. And that's not just with MMORPGs! I love games but my percentage of fully finishing a game is VERY low... call it ADD or whatever but I just can't sit for hours in front of my TV playing something like Final Fantasy. That's probably why I like sports and fighting games; they're career modes don't possess such requirements. Basically, what I'm getting at is, does anybody know of similar games on the net? I mean I remember this really cool little MMORPG I was addicted with last year (it had a greenish interface and graphics and started with a T... Taraea... Taera?) but I forget why I stopped playing... my memories bad... Anywho, just a thought.
Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-05-12 22:25:40
No, it's not just you...
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-05-13 01:14:37
I agree. I find these games much more fulfilling than games overloaded with graphics and movies. I think that the imagination becomes more stimulated with a subtler background.

I also truly enjoy the community that exists in the games whether it be occasional remarks from zeus and suepahfly in adventures fame or the nonstop banter of the great guys and girls in space conquest I am constantly pleased to be a part of those groups.

I have also found that these games give me endless opportunity to delve into my imagination and to expand writing skills that have gone lack with underuse. The friends I have made here have proved to be wonderfull charachters that I use often.
Post by: Bloody Harry(95219)
2005-05-13 04:28:35
Yeah, I wanna be a (comic book) writer too so I think it really does help ones imagination by filtering all the mind-numbing, brain-cell killing graphics and giving way for non-linear thoughts and ideas. In fact, I've ALREADY thought of the plot for my next comic script with the inspiration of GangWars. It takes place after a seemingly apocalyptic depression that sweeps the nations and erraticates all substantial government as we know it, allowing for such underground gangs and syndicatations such as the Mafia, the Yakuza, the Triads, the Mexican Mafia, the Colombian Cartel and many other local gangs to take power of the poverty striken cities. The characters are John Doe (who I modelled after Batista from WWE) an assassin hired by the Yakuza to kill Maria Magdelena (a mix of Salma Hyak and Eva Mendes =D) who, also being an assassin, was hired by the Latin Kings to kill Johnny Doe! Both are entirely unaware of eachother's intentions and find themselves in very sticky predicaments... I should probably finish the story I'm doing now, though. =P
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-05-14 03:35:08
Research post WWII Sicily to gain insight into how organized crime can take the place of government in a nation torn apart by war.

Never neglect research when writing..even comic books. Otherwise you will never rise above the level of 2nd rate hack. Though I'll admit many 2nd rate hacks flourish and become wealthy in the modern day entertainment idustry.
Post by: Bloody Harry(95219)
2005-05-14 07:56:11
Agreed and thanks for the resource. Researching is probably my favorite aspect of writing. I've been doing some research on the Id, Ego, Superego and other Frued concepts since my most recent work is about a strange city which is in reality the mind of a serial killer. Very interesting. Alot of people immediately react to the mention of comics as childish and leotard-clad muscle-men when in reality, the best works in the industry have been what some would considered "eclectic". I must admit, I've never been a fan of Superman or Spiderman but rather horror "graphic novels" (a more befitting termonology) such as Sandman, Swamp Thing and Sin City. Comics these days have greatly matured. Many have asked me what my favorite authors are and I respond without a non-segregated answer (Steven King, Dean Coonst, Wes Craven, Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Tod McFarlane, Niel Gaimen) because I see as both being the same. The only difference is how the final product is displayed. Comics can bring more visual and imaginitive yet more linear depictions while books bring more abstractness' and non-linear ideas that can leave much more to the imagination.
Post by: Kray(52284)
2005-05-14 10:31:40
Well to get into the comic book/Graphic novel scene I will say this.

I was never the person to read them. I once read things like The Dandy and Beano(Childrens British comics) and once I outgrew them I never turned my back. But then afew weeks ago a friend directed me towards Top 10 and I read the two comics of the series and I loved them. Many of my friends immediately cast comics as geekish (Is it even a word??) or childish but they have never read any, I am interested in reading afew of the punisher as I could then truely compare the comic and movie but from my current perspective I would rate them as:




In that order from best to worst. Since Movies are the most mainstream they are always edited from both of the others to make ideas that are more mainstream and acceptable to the larger audience, which require little thought to the motives and insight of the characters which both the others allow.

Of course I would rate books as the highest as they allow for the widest audiences and let total imagination run free, and without the images the imagination of the characters run free and anything can be interpreted from them, but comics do still allow a broader perspective of the mindless killer(If that's the character) and his vengence regardless of how brutal without the censorship of the public.
Post by: mob(23502)
2005-05-14 22:17:16
Heavy Metal. Need I say more?
Post by: Bloody Harry(95219)
2005-05-15 11:45:27
Very nice. Well, Kray, I must admit that the Punisher movie in no way lived up to the real thing. One reason why I don't like a lot of comic movies. They can only fit into a 2 hour span which is usually never enough to culminate an entire series. Alan Moore, one of the 4 (British) gods of the industry, alongside Todd McFarlane (Spawn. I live down the street from him), Niel Gaimen (a very interesting British fellow who made the ever popular Sandman) and Frank Miller (Sin City; The Dark Knight Returns. British aswell. Known most for modelling the darker, deeper Batman we know of today).
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