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Thread: VPW (A Modern eFed)
Post by: king lakota(439064)
2013-07-27 22:27:37
I have been an on and off VOW player since at least 2007, and I always enjoyed being part of eFeds. I feel like they add substance, and content to the VOW, and really enhance my game play experience. I've recently been booking matches for an actual New York based fed, so I figure I'll try my hand at creating and booking my own eFed.

No restrictions, everyone is welcome. I personally will be trying to get friends and friends of friends into VOW and on our eFed as well. I'll be on daily managing, and overseeing the eFed.

Here's a link: http://s13.zetaboards.com/VPW_eFed/index/

I'm also looking for some help in regards to moderation, and even some creative writers for our fed. All championships are vacated, and as soon as they can be competed for, I will book the matches to get some people gold. Let's try to have this eFed stick around, and appreciated. Thanks guys!
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