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Thread: Valentine's Day Story
Post by: Dyna Mike Duncan(127082)
2008-02-14 09:27:34
A man comes home on Valentine's Day with the biggest bunch of roses ever only to find his girlfriend packing her bags and preparing to move out.

Man: Darling?! What's happening? You can't leave, I love you ...

Woman: I know you do, but sometimes it just isn't enough!

Man: But, two years ago, did I not climb Everest and shout my love for you from the summit?

Woman: Yes you did, but ...

Man: Three months after that, did I not row row single-handed across the Atlantic in an old tin bath to show the world how much I love you?

Woman: Yes, but ...

Man: Once I came out of hospital after recovering from the sunstroke + exposure, did I not train for 6 months solid and competed in the UFC with your name tattooed across my chest so the world knew of my undying love?

Woman: I know, but ...

Man: When I came out of traction, did I not dive the Coral reefs, risking shark attacks, box-jellyfish and the like to find you all those pearls on that necklace you are wearing as a sign of how much I truly love you?

Woman: All that is true, but ..

Man: And now, after spending 3 months walking to the South Pole to place a plaque with our names on it there, I come home and you're leaving me? Why????

Woman: Because you're never bloody well here!!
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-02-14 18:52:46
Soo that's how it happened John? xD
Post by: Dyna Mike Duncan(127082)
2008-02-14 19:47:47
Way too much like hard work! Climb a mountain? I'd hardly climb a stepladder for my ex-wife!! :P
Post by: The Sniper(27754)
2008-02-14 20:38:36
Valentines day... Nothing says love like blocking yourself out from the world and not restricting someone to the stressful out of control madness that is a relationship... being alone is without doubt the nicest thing you can do for everyone else in the world.

Sniper - Still girlfriendless after 20 years
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2008-02-15 13:37:30
i'm in more luck :D
Mine left me over half a year ago, and my new one didn't :D
Post by: mob(23502)
2008-02-19 23:35:27
She will never leave you Suep (unless you untie her, remove the handcuffs, undo the shackles, and unlock the closet door).

Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2008-02-20 21:07:23
but then again... i'm not stupid, right?
i'm not going to DO those things now, am i? ;)
Post by: The Sniper(27754)
2008-02-21 19:45:03
You best not, hell hath no fury and all that jazz :)
Post by: mob(23502)
2008-02-21 20:16:29
Well Suep, if you DID, you could become Stalkahfly which would be a lot of fun!!
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2008-02-22 13:21:17
a lot of fun, but think of the work i'd have to put into it!
walking around, following her around!

and who has to carry all my beer when i'm doing that now?
I sure as hell am too lasy to do that! :D I'm even too lasy to feed the poor girl once a day!!! :)

Nah, i better just let her there for now untill i get a higher money-offer on her :)

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