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Thread: Chris Jericho WWE Return?
Post by: Prince Of VOW(270242)
2007-09-05 09:22:57
Source: PWTorch.com

Reports have recently surfaced the internet about a possible return for Chris Jericho to World Wrestling Entertainment.

For a while now, WWE has expressed interest in bringing Chris Jericho back and has even offered him a seven-figure monetary offer for a full-time return. For the past few months the two parties have been communicating on a regular bases.

Jericho has not been involved in wrestling since 2005 and now feels that he is willing to return to the scene. A source close to Jericho says that he recognizes that his Hollywood aspirations are not going to provide a short-term monetary reward anywhere near that of WWE’s offer.

Right now, Jericho returning to the WWE hinges on whether the two parties can reach a workable arrangement. It is unknown on how long that will take.


Currently suspended so i can only edit posts, but thanks for the offer! lol

Fozzy turned out great but fans only went because it was Chris Jericho, not Chris Irvine and his band Fozzy lol
Post by: ocelot(76)
2007-09-15 11:09:47
This does seem realistic. Some of WWE's top superstars have either died or left since 2005 (Weird) and Chris Jericho's attempt to be an actor is kind of out of the picture now. But I doubt he will return any time soon. And if he does ill let you have an LMS with me POVOW
Post by: Prince Of VOW(270242)
2007-10-01 22:48:16
You could be owing me a LMS soon bud :)
Post by: denzil(82151)
2007-10-02 03:36:06
depends if you dont loos chat again for posting links in here. but in the long run i see why you did it. not sure if you know about no links in here unliss you drop them into a surtan spot. i thinks is for feds only but not sure. take a look and you might want to take off the dot com so you dont get introble in here too
Post by: Prince Of VOW(270242)
2007-10-02 19:52:26
which link? :s
Post by: Benoit(233005)
2007-10-05 11:57:59
PWTorch I believe :P
Post by: Prince Of VOW(270242)
2007-10-07 17:00:40
meh, not doing any harm. if a mod has a problem, message/email me.
Post by: Fabin Scobee(324974)
2007-10-08 10:09:13
It didn't happen at No Mercy, apparently.
Post by: jaxnsanderson(294485)
2007-10-08 17:39:52
its all on my site about this whole deal about jericho
Post by: Prince Of VOW(270242)
2007-10-08 22:07:49
it's on lots of websites

and no it didn't happen at No Mercy, Cyber Sunday is more of a posibility
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