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Thread: can u donate ap
Post by: fatkid(194728)
2006-05-12 12:33:45
hey i was just wondering can u donate ap to other players?
Post by: bigpig(104244)
2006-05-12 13:57:33
Post by: MattX(202191)
2006-06-05 15:30:07
There should be a better regeneration of AP instead of 1 point every 10 min
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2006-06-06 07:31:02
well then... donate :D
Post by: mike(201408)
2006-06-11 03:31:23

I donated money. Nothing happened. I recieved a confirmation email with a reciept number. But it hasn't changed my account at all. No directions on setting it up as well. That account is listed as being a free one, when I donated 21 dollars. How do I fix this problem?
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2006-06-13 02:19:56
send an email to peter@plit.dk then, if you're really sure you didn't made any mistakes...
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