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Thread: My lizard's tail *not for the feint hearted*
Post by: mob(23502)
2006-02-19 15:36:37
Kego, one of my 3 gekos, was bitten on the tail. A few days later it fell off.

Pics no longer available, sorry! But it was bloody and gruesome!

Post by: Version 1(166974)
2006-02-19 17:40:31
Dammit, stop posting these, it's making me hungry! FOR EGGS!
Post by: smoke(126548)
2006-02-19 17:42:52
My hamster looks similar to that.. hmmm
Post by: bear88(119403)
2006-02-20 09:14:47
I looked like that once after a night with a bottle of tequila and some girl who I met that charged me $$ for sex, oh the humanity. I awoke and my Little Buddy was lying on the pillow. Thank god for superglue and tequila...B
Post by: mob(23502)
2006-02-20 14:41:05
I see... B stands for Bobbit right? :-P BTW, you shouldn't refer to your "member" as little. It's BigBobbit. Not Old Softie, Droopy Dog, or Limpy!
Post by: smoke(126548)
2006-02-20 16:48:13
lmao. Hey, he might have been on the verge of admitting something. :p
Post by: bear88(119403)
2006-02-22 05:50:27
oopps that was a subconscious error, did I say Little ummm I meant Big, no ummm, HUGE....lol
Post by: Raving Druids(21385)
2006-02-22 07:18:39
Does a new one grow from the tail? ;-)

No pics unfortunatly, but my Snake tried to have a pop at my Hamster...came off worse with a couple of neat puncture wounds half way down it. Didnt try that again ;-)
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