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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: New rookie looking for a stable and/or fed
Post by: skeetskeet(109772)
2005-07-12 03:44:31
I'm looking to join a fed and would like to prove to all you nah sayers that Skeets will dominate and turn into a LAW champion.
id #: 55642
name: Skeets
Post by: thedynasty2(106975)
2005-07-13 01:54:50
skeet your nithing spcial, you wanna see mine?????????

Char The Assassinator(54364)
Stable Raging Tigers(2115)
Created 2005-06-26 07:24:57
Money 1117
Fighting Style Technical
Total Ap Used 5137
Ap 318
Strength 37
Submission 40
Technique 40
Aerial 13
Consciousness 85
Vital Life 850
Fame 275
Experience 190
League League of Amateur Wrestlers(LAW)
Win By Pin 2
Win By Submission 1
Win By Knockout 4
Win Cage 1
Win Ladder 3
Lose By Pin 0
Lose By Submission 0
Lose By Knockout 0
Lose Cage 0
Lose Ladder 0
Win Table 0
Lose Table 0
Win LMS 56
Lose LMS 0
Lose Tag 0
Win Tag 0
Post by: skeetskeet(109772)
2005-07-14 07:55:41
ok then challenge me in a one on one sigles match and then we can talk about stepping into a lms match. I have a feeling you're in for a surprise. LMS are not my bag but i will do one if you accept my match to go into a singles match.
Post by: thedynasty2(106975)
2005-07-15 00:05:40
well i guess i whooped your butt in a singles match, too bad i didnt make you tap out
Post by: thedynasty2(106975)
2005-07-15 00:09:50
i would kill yu in a last mans tanding match skeet, i wouldnt advise it to you for your own good
Post by: skeetskeet(109772)
2005-07-15 03:25:36
You've got me beat so far but give me a little time. If I had more impact moves as you do then it would be a different story.
Post by: hopton2004(72600)
2005-07-15 04:28:33
Goin back to the original topic my efed SWF would welcome you along!
Check the player pages for the link!
Post by: thedynasty2(106975)
2005-07-15 06:58:39
yeash yeah what ever you say skeete, i own you mare just say it and join WXW
Post by: N3w Moon(43003)
2005-08-07 06:41:22
*must not kill useless laws... must eat cookies instead*
Post by: Danny Blade(82684)
2005-08-08 01:07:29
*randomly walks past polishing his SPWA Aerialist title*
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