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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: Face off before LAW Rage In a Cage's Semi-Final round
Post by: Nethaven(53734)
2005-07-06 02:39:30
Satanic Bull's theme song "Right Now" by KoRn plays, as he is shown on the ramp leading to the ring with a mic in his left hand.

A1: Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the LAW Rage in a Cage Tournament. It's day 42 in this years tournament.

A2: Now all wrestlers independant and in other divisions and federations that have signed with the VOW gather like the many months and years of VOW history of all leagues and sizes to compete in different types of tournaments to become VOW's official! Champions!

The Satanic Bull has a smile in his face and stands there, absorbing the Excitement of the crowd for a while.

A1: Now there is speculation the Gstar has bribed his way through the 2 rounds!

A2: Well we know that whoever gets to face him will win for sure!

A1: Yes but what's bigger news is that Terry Argo! Two time XWC Intercontinental Champion and one of the most memorable moments in VOW and XWC history is when Terry Argo demolished today's superstar Joe Bow!!!

A2: Yes but Terry Argo suffered a car accident 2 weeks after the match!

A1: And we haven't seen him for a while but Terry Argo came out of his coma and has made a humongous come back and a amazing record of 75-0!!

The Satanic Bull slowly begins walking on the right side of the ramp, high fiving some of the fans who were sticking their hands out.

A2: Wow! I can't believe that!

A1: In fact I think that's a new record!!

A2: Yes he's ranked number one in the total number of Win percentages!

A1: Yes but he's still has a long line of people that want to face him including Joe Bow! Who has suprisingly had many personality changes this year!

Bull walks up the steel steps and to the apron, walking as balanced as a cat , he turns to face the crowd. They continue to cheer as he leans back on the ropes.

Crouching down, Bull suddenly springs up and does an amazing backflip into the ring.

A1: And look at the athletism by Satanic Bull!

The crowd cheers louder as some girls are heard whistling.

A2: It looks like The Satanic Bull dosen't seem intimidated by Terry Argo at all.

A1: Well we'll see what this Face off will result into!

Bull brings his mic close to his mouth and opens his mouth to begin speaking. The crowd & his theme song die down giving him time to talk.

Satanic Bull: Now there are 3 people left in this tournament... the LAW RAGE IN A CAGE SEMI FINALS!!!

The crowd goes wild and chants Bull's name

Satanic Bull: We have me, who has beaten Cyclone2 for the Tornado title!!!

The crowd chears as Satanic Bull takes the belt off and holds in high in the air with one arm.

Satanic Bull: We have the Gstar who's managed to get by two rounds without fighting!

The crowd boos. And the camera zooms into someone holding a poster showing G-star in a pimp outfit holding cashes and saying "It's all right here b***h!"

Satanic Bull: And we have the former PWO division's legend! It's a great honor for me to meet Terry Argo!

"If Love Was Born To Die" by Still Remains play and the crowd chears as Terry Argo walks down slightly limping on his left leg.

Satanic Bull claps as Terry Argo's helped up by a ref.

A1: And here you are folks! Terry Argo's back!

A2: It must of took a lot of heart to get back into that ring don't you think?!

A1: Yes and remember Terry Argo was renowned for his Cage matches and his final match against Joe Bow was in that very same cage when Xtreme Mania took place!

Terry Argo smiles as he takes that mike.

Terry Argo: It's good to be back in this ring!

The crowd chears.

Terry Argo: In this ring surrounded by these steel fenced walls I have accomplished so much that my opponents couldn't do in their entire life.

The crowd gives another chear.

Satanic Bull claps and says "It'll be a pleasure to fight you sir!"

The crowd chears!

Suddenly Terry Argo shoves Satanic Bull and the crowd boos.

Terry Argo throws off his jacket and shouts into his mike "A PLEASURE?! This night at 5:00 I'll either demolish you or I'll demolish you tommorow!!!

The crowd boos and Terry Argo kicks away the Satanic Bull's mike.

Terry Argo shouts "I have to start from scratch fighting whelps like you that would of been like ants when I was in healthy conditions! But I have to fight LOSERS like YOU just to get my belt THAT I DESERVE!!!"

The crowd boos and chants "You still Suck! You still suck!"

Terry Argo turns his back on his opponent and shouts "Joe Bow! You better watch your self! Someday I'm going to get you! And just like that night! I'm going to destroy you like I'm going to with this little p***y!"

Terry Argo slaps Bull and the bull looks away and the crowd bulls.

A1: And a slap by Terry Argo right there!

Suddenly The Bull take down Terry Argo by ramming his left leg.

The crowd chears and The bull gets ready to do a Satanic hug but Terry Argo suddenly does a low blow and the crowd boos as Bull collapses on the ground his face red.

Terry Argo grabs his mike and shouts "Tonight! I will win!!!!"

Suddenly Terry Argo rips the turnbuckle off.

A1: No! Not tonight! You guys have a match today!

Terry Argo drags Satanic Bull to the bare steel post and lifts his head to smash it in the post.

Suddenly The Bull grabs Argo and shoves him into the corner and starts punching him.

Crowd: Bull! Bull!

Suddenly Terry Argo manages to grab a hold of the bull and smashes his head into the post!

A1: Somebody call secruity!

Terry Argo looks down at the Satanic Bull's body and smiles maliciously as he whipes the blood off his chin.

A2: Oh my god blood is dripping down from The Bull's head!

The crowd boos and chants "You suck! You suck!"

Terry Argo raises his arm and then gives a thumbs down and stomps down.

A1: Oh my god! Not the RPD!!!

Terry Argo licks his lips and grabs Bull and drags him to the center.

Terry Argo lifts him up and places his left foot firmly on the back of Bull's kneck.

A1: Oh!!!! No!!!!

Terry Argo jumps Satanic Bull screams out loudly as he grabs the back of his kneck. Terry Argo is dragged away by the guards and Terry Argo smiles maliciously as his music plays.

The camera shows The Bull trying to get up and even catches him saying "Come back... I'm going to beat the H*ll out of you!!!!

A1: Oh my god is The Bull going to have to fight or is he getting sent to the hospital?! We'll find out at 5:00 when The King of VOW announces who will fight who tonight!!!
Post by: Nethaven(53734)
2005-07-06 22:53:34
VOW's main theme plays and the crowd goes wild as the camera swervs from the roof to the announcers.

A1: And welcome back ladies and gentle men to the semi-finals of the LAW Rage in a Cage!

A2: Now we've just seens some great SPWA wrestlers in their World champion ship.

A1: Yes but now that they're taking a break from the fighting it's time to go to the exiting conclusion of this tournament!

A2: Now we have 3 LAWs left! Out of all the wrestlers just three more left!

A1: Now all we wait for is who will face who and who will get to sit by and watch!

Suddenly the camera focuses on the King of VOW and we see him in his King's outfit and smiling as he held the mike in front of his mouth.

KVOW: Ladies and gentlemen...

The crowd boos.

let me first introduce to you... the 245 pound wrestler... Terry Argo!

"If love was born to die" by Still Remains play and the crowd gives a huge boo.

A2: And there he is! There is that barbaric man!

Terry Argo smiled as he walked down the ramp.

KVOW: Introducing second the pimping 256 pounder... G-Star!

G-Star's theme song plays and the crowd gives a boo as G-Star walks down with his "Gang" behind him.

A1: And there's G-Star!

Terry Argo looks at G-Star as he is helped up by his "gang" and Terry Argo glares into his eyes. Suddenly he shoves him into his gang members and points at the others warningly.

A2: And Terry Argo already starting a fight!

KVOW: Settle down. Remember I can defeat you all with my pinky because I'm the KING of V...O...W!!!!

The crowd boos.

KVOW: Now because the Satanic Bull has a injured kneck he won't be able to-

Suddenly "Right Now" by KORN plays

A1: Oh my god it's the Bull!

Suddenly we see Satanic Bull charge down head first and slide into the ring.

A2: Oh my god! Oh my god! Satanic Bull is just tearing the ring apart!

We see G-Star slide out and Bull beating Terry Argo.

A gang member tries to pull him apart but bull sweeps the leg of one and runs up a turnbuckle and does a backflip splash.

A2: My god! Terry Argo is just shocked!

KVOW suddenly slams his mike on the ground and every one jumps.

KVOW: Now I see that you can still fight with a injured kneck and now that Terry Argo is hurt!

The camera focuses on Terry Argo holding his face in pain.

KVOW: How about in the semi-finals it's Satanic Bull...

The crowd chears.

KVOW: and G-Star!!!

The crowd gives a shocked boo and chants "You suck! You suck!"
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